First Thursday

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This post is for the Spiritual Journey First Thursday, a once a month post hosted by a group, writing to a word or idea supplied by their hostess.  Each gives their own spiritual take on the topic.

Today's topic is: Easter, new life, spring...

I have chosen to write an acrostic for Easter.  It was on an Easter Sunday morning that I received Christ as my Saviour.  I am:

Ever grateful for eternal life
Available that awesome
Singular moment a sin burdened Saviour
Traded places to make
Escape possible from a deserved

Spring is the time for resurrection from the dead; it's the time for new hope to "spring".   Rising from the earth, the new green, through the tangled mass of gray, brown, dead seems impossible, yet it happens every year, every spring, in our northern climate.
It is a time to realize how new life comes from the seemingly dead, new growth from that which had stopped growing.
We are still not seeing the green in Maine.  The snow is still on the ground, but there are spots of brown growing.  The green is next.  The cycle is apparent again.  It is a nice hope to depend on.  I have faith that spring will return again. 
Faith and hope are two wonderful things that ensure my joy and have changed my outlook on daily life.

Hope you can visit or join in.  Our hostess today is Violet Nesdoly.


  1. Dear Donna - you have me at "ever grateful." Yes! Thank you. xo

  2. Love your acrostic. Six small lines that present eternal life.

  3. A lovely poem for Easter. Enjoy your spring!

  4. So much in so few words. A perfect Easter poem. Your tie-ins to spring bringing life to the seemingly dead are also so very fitting!

  5. I just read about mud season, a new term to me. Sounds like you are almost to the mud season. In our part of the world, spring is abloom! Here's to hoping your green and spring colors arrive soon. Love your acrostic and these words:
    Singular moment a sin burdened Saviour
    Traded places..."

    1. I would say we are beginning mud season now. Hate it. You get huge ruts in driveways, the dog's a mess... pot holes and frost heaves in the roads.
      But it does mean spring is coming!

  6. Hi Donna, I love your colorful Easter acrostic. What a great day for a spiritual birthday! Have a wonderful Easter. I hope Spring shows up soon in your neck of the woods. Sounds like it will be most welcome.

    1. Absolutely pouring rain in buckets right now, with a nice thunderstorm, making the dog concerned for my safety. I'd say the snow will be off the ground tomorrow morning and we will be up to our armpits in mud. Never could depend on wearing our nice new pastel dress and patten leather shoes for Easter. Usually had to cover everything in boots and snowpants...

  7. I also wrote about faith and hope in my post about renewal. It's such a powerful time of year... it's interesting how nature mirrors the spiritual. I especially appreciated this line, "Rising from the earth, the new green, through the tangled mass of gray, brown, dead seems impossible..." And yet - we know that we can renew ourselves in any given moment. That's the beauty of God's grace.

  8. With you, I am also "Ever grateful for eternal life" and everything about spring reminds me of my life in Christ. How special, Donna, that the date of your "new birth" was an Easter Sunday!


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