Monday, April 17, 2017

NEEDER #AtoZChallenge

Notes about this challenge:
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Today's letter is N.  Since last May I've been searching for new vanity plates, and this is the one I found to feature for this year.

Do you suppose this is a needy person, or maybe a kneader of bread?  I did not meet them, so I don't know.  I get to make this stuff up.  Whatever I want!


Earth needs the sun,
Wind needs the sky,
Sky needs the birds,
And others that fly;
Or maybe that’s just
The other way round,
And birds are the ones
Who need the sky town.
The sun needs the earth
To figure its worth,
And the sky needs that wind
To know where it’s been.
We are all needers;
More important than that,
Other needers need you
To help them right back.
But we all need to need
And be needed by one
And that’s why the Earth
Needs to hang round the sun.
So go ahead, need,
But just don’t forget
Someone also needs you
To have their needs met.

By Donna JT Smith, 4/17/17

This was an early morning writing.  Had tried thinking about this earlier and started writing some words.  Words. Words.  And then the thought came.  It is strange about writing.  Sometimes it comes through so clearly when you least expect it.  And sometimes you can't think until you start writing drivel.  Some may still consider this drivel, but it rhymes at least. Ha!  So read it and weep!  Or read it and sleep! 
At least N for Needer is DONE!
Tomorrow is O, and O Dear, I am not done... I think I'll try it now while I'm on a roll.
Let's see:

O is for orange
I'm not fond of the color
So I've thrown my crayon
Way down in the cellar...

Too bad tomorrow isn't O is for ORNGE - I'd be done.

Just decided to add this...looking at the picture my husband took on Saturday -
N is also for NICE bike, ma'am...

I could not help it.  This has nothing to do with anything EXCEPT my need to get out in the sun and see if I could remember ANYTHING about riding a motorcycle.  I took it out for a spin on Saturday when the weather was in the 60's!  Snow is mostly melted and gone now, forsythias are trying their best to be yellow, but there's still gravel left on the roads from plowing and sanding, so I had to be careful as I enjoyed the ride.  I only went a couple of miles to see how we (my bike and I) would do.  We did just fine!

For those who don't know it, I got my motorcycle license last summer.  I have a 400cc Bergman scooter that I thought would help me learn, and a 250cc Virago that did help me learn.  Then I immediately went to the Honda Shadow 750 when I got my license at age 66.  It was never something I planned to do.  I wanted to be a passenger again after losing weight - like in the old days.  But I didn't like being a passenger on the Harley Sportster my husband got.  So with coercion from my son and husband, I decided to at least take the class.  And there you have it.  Short story.  I could go into the longer version that tells about taking the required two day course with all the 18-30 year old men.  But you can imagine.  Yes, I'll let you do that.


  1. I find that writing comes more easily and with better results first thing in the morning when my unconscious is closer to the top.

    1. I find mornings to be best most of the time. If I can get up earlier than the rest of the house - including the dog - that is a nice quiet time.

  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading your views on “Needer.” I also find writing can have allusive moments, but it always comes back even if requires that extra bit of works. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog:
    N for Never let you go

  3. No drivel here! So many great thoughts put into words, swirling round and round! And I LOVE the bike pics. Good for you!

    1. Sigh. It's cold again today. Too cold for a bike ride. Maybe again next week.

  4. Love the poem! We all need something, sometime, somewhere. How cool that you got your motorcycle licence. You must have caused quite a stir in that class of young men. ☺

    1. Yes, and I guess I was the talk around some supper tables, too, from what one young man said.
      "Told my mom about you... She said you must be some bad - - - lady."
      I told him to tell his mom I was, and laughed.

  5. I started on a Sportster - not a good idea. LOL! Back in 2002, it wasn't a beginner bike (the new SuperLow is).

    Here is my ride history:
    * 2002 HD Hugger (883cc Sportster) 750 mi, 3 months, 55 y/o
    * 2003 HD Dyna Low Rider (1450cc) 24k mi, 20 months, 56 y/o
    * 2005 HD Softail Deluxe (1450cc) 32k mi, 24 months, 58 y/o
    * 2006 BMW F650GS (650cc Dual-Sport) 1k mi, 6 months, 60 y/o
    * 2008 HD Nightster (1200cc Sportster) 9k mi, 12 months, 62 y/o
    * 2011 HD SuperLow (883cc Sportster) 12k mi, 12 months, 64 y/o (forgot to record my ending mileage, much more than 12k though, sold it in 2014)

    1. That is awesome! I kind of wish I'd started earlier in life doing this.
      What made you switch to a 650 BMW?
      Which was your favorite bike?
      I have to say I really like my Shadow, though I really can't compare it to anything else but the two others I mentioned. It is just the right height for me to sit at a stop comfortably. It is so stable and just seems to fit, though I've also looked droolingly at the Indian Scout 60!
      Have you stopped riding now?


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