Friday, April 21, 2017

ROSIE #AtoZChallenge

Today is Poetry Friday and it is a FULL post today, full to the brim!  When you have finished here, there are wonderful blogs full of poems to visit.  Visit Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference where there are links to lots!

Today is the 21st line in the Progressive Poem initiated by Irene Latham!  And it is here - 
along with my AtoZ below.  Scroll down to the license plate if you are here for AtoZ and/or if you want to skip this growing poem instigated by Irene Latham for National Poetry Month. 

But why would you?  
You are here because you like writing and writers and stuff they write, right?  
So you should read it before you go on to the AtoZ Maine vanity plate and poem.  
One poet a day adds a line to the poem.  In the side navigation you can see a list of line contributing poets. 

Today the poem was handed to me for the next line.  
But a couple of days before my line I was scribbling words and phrases thinking maybe, just maybe I could use some of what I'd thought about, and maybe by chance it would save me time and thinking when I would be under pressure.  It didn't really work, but it was a good warn-up.

When BJ supplied her line, "trip" was the connecting word I had used in some of my lines.  Nope.  Couldn't use "trip" for the "-ip" internal rhyme...but it did lead nicely into using "ship" which is definitely a good way to take a trip to escape the grip of Dragonworld!

The navigation on the sidebar has all the poets with links to their sites.
Here is the poem thus far (Don't you love the sound of "thus far"? I do, too!) and my new line is last in bold: 

Progressive Poem 2017

I’m fidget, friction, ragged edges--

I sprout stories that frazzle-dazzle,

stories of castles, of fires that crackle

with dragonwords that smoke and sizzle.

But edges sometimes need sandpaper,

like swords need stone and clouds need vapour.

So I shimmy out of my spurs and armour

facing the day as my fickle, freckled self.

I thread the crowd, wear freedom in my smile,

and warm to the coals of conversation.

Enticed to the stage by strands of story,

I skip up the stairs in anticipation.

Flip around, face the crowd, and freeze!

Shiver me. Look who’s here. Must I disappear?

By hook or by crook, I deserve a second look!

I cheer. Please, have no fear. Find the book.

But wait! I’ll share the lines I know by heart.

Mythicalhowls, fierytones slip from my lip

Blue scales flash, claws rip, the prophecy begins

Dragonworld weaves webs that grip. I take a trip…

"Anchors aweigh!" Steadfast at helm on clipper ship

Then take a look here - for interest's sake, I found the poem to be easily broken down into 9 lines in each stanza, making it quite "prettily poetic"!  See what you think of breaking it up thusly (not a good word, but fun).
I just found this today, hanging in a bookstore!  Isn't it gorgeous?

Progressive Poem 2017 (possible alternate layout?)

I’m fidget,
ragged edges;
I sprout stories
that frazzle-dazzle;
stories of castles,
of fires that crackle,
with dragonwords that smoke
and sizzle.

But edges sometimes 
need sandpaper,
like swords need stone
and clouds need vapour;
So I shimmy out 
of my spurs and armour,
facing the day
as my fickle,
freckled self.

I thread the crowd,
wear freedom
in my smile,
and warm to the coals
of conversation;
Enticed to the stage
by strands of story,
I skip up the stairs
in anticipation.

Flip around, face the crowd,
and freeze!
Shiver me. Look who’s here.
Must I disappear?
By hook or by crook,
I deserve a second look!
I cheer.
Please, have no fear.
Find the book.

But wait!
I’ll share the lines
I know by heart.
Mythicalhowls, fierytones
slip from my lips;
Blue scales flash, claws rip,
the prophecy begins;
Dragonworld weaves webs that grip.
I take a trip;

"Anchors aweigh!" 
Steadfast at helm 
on clipper ship

Take it away, sail on Jone at Jone Ruch MacCulloch, the next line is YOURS!  Oh, phew!  Let's get this puzzle solved.

Now the A to Z Challenge -  
The A to Z Challenge is to write to the letters of the alphabet in order, one a day each day in April, except on Sundays.
To find more A to Z Challenge blog posts, click on any A to Z Challenge link I've made in this post. Read through the comment links on that page and see what interests you.  Read.  Comment. Spread the love of our alphabet around!
If you are commenting here, please include your post's link so that I can return the visit easily.  I'd like to visit your site, if you don't mind!
If you want to see where I've visited, click on A to Z Challenge in the tab at the top and it will take you to a padlet of links.  If you want to see yours there, visit me.  If you are doing the A to Z Challenge, I'll visit you and link you. 

My rose smells the pink skies,
Rock beaches and sands,
The salt of the sea,
Seaweed’s tangled strands.
My rose hears the roaring
And crashing of waves,
The chorus of laughing gulls
Devout fishing knaves.
My rose though as fragile
As tatted French lace,
Its petals surround
Giving bees an embrace.
My rose owns a sweetness -
The lightest bouquet,
Heavenly nectar
To carry away;
My rose with the softness
of breezes adorning,
Callously stings
Without any warning.
Too soon she is gone
Leaving hips for my tea
And promise of new blooms
To smile upon me.
by Donna JT Smith

Congratulations on making it to the bottom of this page!
Tomorrow is S in the A to Z Challenge... I have a few vanity plates to select from... let's see.


  1. Love your alternate layout! And the escape to sea with that famous phrase: "Anchors aweigh." Can't wait for more of the line by line fun!

    1. Somehow when I wrote it in the "alternate layout", I could see it and hear it better and then the next "line" could emerge, even though it was now three! Tried to stick with 9-12 syllables for the line, as most of them do. I'm excited to see where it goes!

  2. Donna -- Oh how I can't wait to find out where the clipper ship sails to. In suspense here in Massachusetts! Funny you should write about your roses today. I've been watching my Rosa Rugosa across the way change daily with the warmer spring air and today's drizzle. We've planted a hedge of it to remind us of happy times along the coast in the great state of Maine. My parents are both from the Portland area, and my dad grew up on Peaks Island. :-) It really is "the way life should be." Cheers! -- Christie @

    1. Our Rosa Rugosa by our window is just getting bits of green on the tips - started yesterday! They are my very, very, very favoritest flower in the world! There is nothing like their fragrance to take you back to the beach. So glad you have some.
      We almost moved to Peaks when we moved back home to Maine. Decided against it because of having kids and "busing" to the mainland for school! We're on a different island instead - with a bridge!

  3. Dear Donna - I, too, love "thus far." :) And your line, which opens a whole new world (and brings us back to that little bit of pirate we have encountered so far. I rather like your alternate layout. We're in the homestretch now! Also: you totally need to do a Vanity Plate poems book! xo

    1. LOL! I have considered the Vanity plate book.

  4. Anchors aweigh! You really swept us forward, Donna. I like your alternate formatting experiment. Playing around is always worth trying.
    As a tea lover, I appreciated that your rose leaves behind hips for your tea :-)

  5. And now you've taken that child off and away to more magic, I think. I too like "Anchors aweigh" and your alternate arrangement felt good when I read it, Donna. Funny that we have lilacs and someone else said you're are not there yet, but you have the roses, and ours are still waiting. Your rhyming and rhythm are always lovely. Thanks for all today!

    1. I don't have a lilac bush at this house, but am hoping to have one in Friendship in two a week and a half or less. Oh, dear, when will I pack??

  6. I'm glad you brought back a piratical flavor. I love how the poem is progressing. I like your roses, too, especially, "tatted French lace".

    1. That pirate part seemed to float ahead and wanted another piece of the action.

  7. On a clipper ship! Ahoy, mateys! Where will she land?

    1. Ah, yes, a ship is always female. Should name her.

  8. How I love the word "steadfast." Thank you for bringing it in. And too, for this new layout. I like these breaks as well. :) Smile upon ROSIE! xx

    1. I like "steadfast", too! "Resolute" is another favorite! I wonder, does that make me "stubborn"...just a nicer way to put it? LOL!

  9. Thanks for the line. I have my work cut out. I agree with Brenda on the "tatted French lace"

    1. Hope your line just pops for you so you can have supper in peace!

  10. Oh, this poem just gets more adventurous and exciting! The alternate layout lends a whole different feel to the poem - love it!

    1. There was just something about breaking it up that made it more fluid for me - a got a nice flow and rhythm going then.

  11. Love the rose poem, Donna. Wonderful ending to it. And your added line to the progressive poem is fun and provocative, the perfect invitation to continued adventure.

    1. Thanks, Jama. I haven't been around to visit much today, as we had to meet with our contractor and do some errands. Am trying to catch up tonight with Poetry Friday and AtoZ visits. April is going to be over before I take another breath it seems!

  12. It has been such fun to see the progressive poem grow and take flight--or set sail as it may be! The rose poem is beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Kay. This poem has been fun to follow!

  13. Donna, while I missed a few days of the progressive poem, you brought me right back into the adventure that our little character is engaging in on a magical journey. Anchors aweigh to ... new adventures-Jone's turn. Your A to Z challenge is so much fun with the resurgence of your vanity plate poetry.

    1. There is no end to the opportunities with vanity plates here!
      The ship seemed an appropriate escape for someone who says things like "shiver me"!

  14. What a great trip this is! If you break the poem up this way, does Jone get to add a short line or does she have to follow with 3 lines?
    Your rose poem is delightful, too, in forma and function. Gather the hips. I have a rose essential oil that I love to wear.

    1. Well, I was following the rest of the length of lines which are usually 9 to 12 syllables long, so three short lines would be the same as the one longer line that the others were. Wouldn't want to short-change anyone!!! Then again, I guess anyone is free to go as long or as short winded as they like!

  15. I cannot believe that poem was written by different people each day. It's turning out nicely, such a wonderful collaborative work. There's so much poetry in the PF community I am unaware of, its nice to see how alive and kicking poetry is.

    1. It's quite a fun exercise in writing and collaboration!

  16. Ahoy mate thanks for casting us off into the blue sea, love your line! Your Rose poem is beautiful, from top to bottom, salty sea to the hips for your tea; fits for Earth Day too!

    1. Well, I guess it does fit for Earth Day, too! Score!
      Check that off my "to do list"!

  17. Our character is turning out to be quite the storyteller...and so are we!

    1. This is always a fun thing to watch and do in April! Kind of like the growing and blooming of spring watching it unfold here!

  18. Donna,

    The second layout of your poem seems more pleasing to my eye. I'm not a poet but admire your cleverness with word play. Your second poem was a delight as well purrfectly inspired by your license plate discovery. I'm playing catch up today. Have a good weekend!

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "R" (realistic rabbit & rascally road runner)

  19. I love your layout and the way it moves the reader through our adventure. And your line brings in more "pirate" and I feel the waves in this dragony, horse-to-stage-to-sea adventure.

  20. A fast-sailing clipper ship certainly adds thrill! Thanks so much, Donna. (I'm playing catch-up after a weekend away.) :0)

  21. Donna, I'm here late to appreciate your contribution to the poem--the action on the stage is certainly ambitious, and I like the confidence of "steadfast at the helm"!

    I haven't been keeping up with your fun project, but I wonder--where and how did you find all these license plates???


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