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The Progressive Poem has progressed to the sixth line today.  This line today will be courtesy of Kat at Kat's Whiskers.  So check out her link and see when the line goes live today!
I'm still reading, thinking and waiting for April 21 to add to the poem...I wonder where it will take us by then...
This is Day 5 of the A to Z Challenge

Notes about this challenge:
The A to Z Challenge is to write to the letters of the alphabet in order, one a day each day in April, except on Sundays.  
I am, for the second year, posting vanity plates in Maine.  Because it is April, National Poetry Month, I'm going to write a poem based on the the license plate. On Sunday I will post a bonus plate - an extra one I've found that intrigues me.    
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A Plate of E

Evil Twin

I’m always doing what I should
I do what’s right, I’m always good
I smile a lot and never yell
A secret told me I won’t tell
I feed the birds, recycle trash
The clothes I wear would never clash
I make my bed, I sweep the floors
I wash the dishes, do my chores;
But watch out for my evil twin
She looks like me, except her grin
Is not so kind, does not allure
Her laugh can make you insecure
She has a streak that’s really mean
The grimmest creature ever seen
I know she looks just like I do
But we don’t have the same hairdo.
She has two braids and I have one.
She has two bows and I have none.
My evil twin and I don’t share
Our temperaments, our toys or hair;
If I am here, she's not around
If she is here, I can't be found
But in one way we're both the same -
The two of us co-own my name.

by Donna JT Smith, 4/2017


  1. haha, cute/funny poem :) I think a lot of people would have liked to play a game s kids and pretend they had an evil twin

    My A to Z:
    change your thinking

  2. Not surprised people have evil twins in the state where Stephen King resides. ;)

    26 Things To Hate About Writing: E is for Edits

    1. My husband and I both went to college with Stephen King.... interesting factoid to ponder...

  3. It made me think about Stephen King, too!

    1. Ha, never thought about him when I was writing...
      Bwah-ha-ha!! (Evl Twn laughter)


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