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So, you say, this doesn't begin with a Q.  But, see those two Q's!  So this counts.  And it is the only one I could find besides GQQD LF which I used a while ago on a Sunday this month.


said Doc BrownCow,
"I think she'll be fine!"
Said Mommoose.
"I'll cut down on the pine."
"She does needed some fiber
But stick to the reeds,
That's all the fiber
a growing moose needs."
QT Moosey moaned,
"No more piney trees?
I love how they taste;
Just one more tree, please?"
"You heard Doc BrownCow now,
Not one more tree, dear;
You must eat in the marsh;
Doc BrownCow was quite clear!"
"I promise," QT said,
Then they moosied on down
For a snaque in the swamp
Brows furrowed with frown;.
They lunched on some ferns
For growing strong bones,
But then came dessert -
A cool treat of pine cones.

by Donna JT Smith, 4/19/2017

So, forgive me for no Q at the beginning?
See you tomorrow for the biggest day this month.  I will have an R plate and poem.  AND it is my day to supply and share my line of the Progressive Poem.  I am not ready because you can't really be ready.  Who knows what the line will be before you?  Tomorrow I'll know and then we'll see what the brain comes up with to hand off to the next poet to continue on Saturday morning.
See you then!


  1. Donna,

    Cool license plate and poem! You're a clever gal. ;) BTW, we love Maine! We have visited the Pine Tree state three times and I'd love to visit again. The last time we were there was 2004 for our 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed in Bar Harbor. :)

    Today’s Art Sketching Through the Alphabet illustration is of the Evil QUEEN from a classic children’s fairy tale.

    ~Curious as a Cathy

    1. Sounds like it's time for another visit! Bar Harbor is nice. Try Boothbay Harbor. Smaller. More Maine but still touristy.

  2. Absolutely, two Q's in the word are worth one at the beginning! :D


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