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Notes about this challenge:
The A to Z Challenge is to write to the letters of the alphabet in order, one a day each day in April, except on Sundays.
I am, for the second year, posting vanity plates in Maine.  Because it is April, National Poetry Month, I'm going to write a poem based on the the license plate. On Sunday I will post a bonus plate - an extra one I've found that intrigues me.
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My letter G on a Maine Vanity Plate and a side of poem is below.  But first I want to show you two other plates I could have used.  I may use GQQD LF on Sunday as my extra poem day.
I tried making these two work, but just couldn't manage it.  The third one had been calling me ever since I spied it.  
This just seemed to Christmassy....
but I almost did it without a Christmas theme...
He could return for Easter...
Oh, now I'm thinking...
The Grinch that stole Easter!
This could have been good, too.


then there was this one...
but it just wasn't spunky enough for a Saturday.
Maybe I could do a Sunday one with this...

 But, if you knew Jama,
wouldn't GO JAMA be the one 
you'd have to pick, too?

Visiting Jama 

This Jama's most gracious
When hunger's rapacious;
If you're craving a book
Or things baked or cooked,
It's a sweet place to be
For crumpets or tea;
Pull up a soft chair
Beside a stuffed bear;
Dip spoon into sunny,
Delectable honey;
Put cream in a bowl
With blueberries whole;
Or try the raspberries
And pies made with cherries.
Then read and you're smitten
With words, so well written
That you can't decide
which is better inside:
Those words spun like candy
Or the food so jimdandy!
So with boarding house reach
You take some of each
Though you're not a vacuum
Still each crumb you consume
Until you attain
Empty plate and full brain.
You, go, Jama, go!
I am full head to toe!

by Donna JT Smith, 2017

Now, please, go visit Jama's Alphabet Soup, a delectable blog, and take a slice or bowl of whatever is being served up today!  It's sure to be tasty!


  1. You really captured what a visit to Jama is like! I"m glad Cornelius is in it, too :-) Love the use of "rapacious" and "until you attain/ empty plate and full brain" !

  2. Oh my goodness! My own license plate and poem to go with it. Totally made my day, Donna. :) Love all the details in your poem -- the furry kitchen staff and I are tickled pink. Now I'm wondering who this other Jama is?!

    1. I know! I wondered about that, too. Did a double take on seeing that one and knew it would make the top of my list.

  3. Wonderful, and amazing plates (double meaning)!

    1. It's fun the times I get to speak to the owners about the "why" of the name. Don't often get to see the owners though.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, yeah!
      My motorcycle is "DAISY" - the name I gave to my first bicycle as a kid. And my car has "ANCHOR-D". My husband's motorcycle is "RETIRED".


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