Second Sunday in April

It's Sunday a day of rest for me.  So you know that this post was scheduled in advance.  I am posting today an extra letter vanity plate.

Does a Body Good

Good enough
Good to go
Good neighbor
Good to know

Good morning
Good night
Good shoes
Good eyesight

Good with kids
Good and strong
Real good voice
Real good song

Good dancer
Good driver
Good home
Good striver

Good man
Good fellow
Good dog
G'-bye, hello

Good grief
Good boots
Good weather
Good suits.

Good with a hammer
Good for a laugh
Good handshake
A good better half

Good as gold
A good wife
Good's can be
Lives the good life

Good to be home
Good soaking rain
Good for what ails you
Wicked good Maine

by Donna JT Smith, 4/8/2017

I don't particularly like this poem, but it is done and accomplished for my poetry challenege...

See you tomorrow for a Plate of H and a poem on the side.


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