Day 1 Leaky Faucets and Posting a Unique URL

Today is slice 1!  Here we go!  Slices galore today at Two Writing Teachers!  Go there for a peak into what is going on today all around the world!  Are you ready for the party?  Terge is!

I think, at my house today, we are repairing leaky faucets!  They are long overdue!
It's too early to start them yet, (I'm going to need breakfast (see below) first!) but that WAS the plan we made yesterday!  I wonder if we will follow through or get distracted?  We often get distracted around here.  Something more fun may present itself, and then all plans and good intentions are dropped by the wayside as we pursue the distraction!
Do you have trouble staying focused when fun arrives?

If you are an old hand at this "linking your post" stuff, you can skip over this part and go to the bottom where I am sharing some breakfast oatmeal.

But if you are new to this and are having any trouble with linking, you may want to read this middle part...

If this is your first year posting to TWT, you may just get a helpful (I hope!) comment from me, or someone else on the team, to get you on track!  It's tricky at first to get that "unique URL" of your post into the comment box! But once you get the hang of it - it's easy-peasy!
This may help....
If you see your regular web address, that's not long enough!
To get your unique URL, after you have posted it, go to your web page.
THEN click on the title of your post on that pages. What did you title today's post? That's what you click on to see JUST THAT POST (I'm not yelling, it just looks that way!)
Now look at your URL again.  Notice how it's changed?  It's longer.  It has your web address PLUS a date and the title of your post with dashes between those words. That's the address to use.  Copy and paste that into the comment section of Two Writing Teachers post for that day!
Do it again the next day - only with your NEXT day's post!

If your URL ever has the word "comment" in it, don't use it.  Delete it if you've pasted it in the comment already.  Go back to your web page.  Go to the current page by clicking on your title and take THAT URL instead.
SAMPLE of what it should look like:
NOT: (this isn't enough)

you will not see the unique URL until you go to the post (as above) and tap in the address/URL bar at the top.  When you do that the whole unique URL will appear!  Magic!
Tap it again and "select all" will appear, and you can now copy it to paste in your post!

I hope this is helpful.  If it seems difficult at first stick with it!  Remember, we ask our students to learn things that seem this difficult to them every day!  You WILL get it!

Welcome to breakfast! I'm ready for breakfast NOW!
Yum! I hope you like slow cooked organic oatmeal with real wild Maine blueberries, Ceylon cinnamon, slivered almonds and real Maine maple syrup for breakfast...oooh, and hot coffee!   Enjoy! 

Have a wonderful Day 1 of 31! I'm looking forward to reading dozens of slices today...oh, and repairing faucets!

(Here's my unique URL for today:


  1. The excitement is palpable in your post this morning. I suspect, tomorrow you will be writing about those faucets!

  2. This is one healthy and inviting breakfast and slice. There will be lot of yum reading in March. Happy writing!

  3. What a use of Maine resources for breakfast! Yummy! I hope the faucets don't become a major headache for you. Simple projects always snowball at my house. Great info for linking!

  4. Hello glad to see you continue to return:) I get easily distracted as you will read in my post. I chuckled when I saw the two of us procrastinating. I miss you:) Distractions and household repairs...we are kindred spirits.

  5. Awesome tips, Donna - plus, I love your breakfast! Wish I could just pull up a chair!

  6. Leaky faucet repair on a snowy day is a good plan, although from your words, I think there might be a better one happening! Love the oatmeal pic, Donna. I love Red Mill 7 grain-have it on those cold gray days! Happy Slicing to you-our 4th year together!

  7. Our 4th year. Wow.

    Have to tell you, I really like how you went about sharing how to link the URL's. Great job!


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