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I'm babysitting for my grandson over the next two weeks.  Yea! (I think.)  So far it is "Yea".  As long as I can go to bed on time and take some rests while he is napping, then I should be fine.  It's a busy day with a 2½ year old - especially when it's been about 30 years since my last one was 2½!  I think I'll have plenty to slice about for a while!  And below is my contribution to Poetry Friday hosted by Kara at Rogue Anthropologist.  Can't believe I got it done!  Now to link before he wakes up.
12:37 - It’s naptime, and I already have plenty to write about.  I am having trouble picking one thing to write about though, so I guess I'll just start writing everything I can remember about this morning and see where it takes me.
Wow.  As I compose this list, I am starting to get an appreciation for how much I should be able to get done in a day.

Here's his list of accomplishments so far today:

  • woke up at 6:30 (I was already awake, listening, waiting.)
  • played by myself until 7:20 (I heard you playing and talking to yourself this morning,
  • and you were having such a good time - why would I want to interrupt?)
  • ate breakfast
  • got dressed (No diapers now! That potty training in a day really worked!)
  • brushed own hair (That takes 2 seconds!)
  • brushed Nannie’s hair (Yes, that was fun - for you.)
  • went potty two times (No accidents!)
  • drew a picture  (So creative and interpretive - abstract, perhaps?)
  • put together a cow puzzle (We know corner pieces, just not what to do with them yet.)
  • rode an imaginary horse (And I made clip-clop noises with the cups.)
  • ate pretend hay and oats (Do horses really slurp their food?)
  • rolled around on the floor (I guess our horses used to roll, too.)
  • fixed something under the kitchen table (I couldn't tell what he was doing under there.)
  • investigated the underside of the piano keyboard (He may have fixed it.)
  • played with cars (One car from me, a Snoopy car and Snoopy train all talk to each other.)
  • played with trains (A favorite theme for him)
  • sang a song (Well, I sang and he did a wordless song to accompany me.)
  • washed hands and face (Peanut butter and jelly, cottage assortment)
  • read a big pile of books aloud to self (Used a mixture of words I know and words he knows.)
  • read two books with Nannie (Good snuggle time.)
  • read a book with seagulls in it (What sound does a seagull make?)
  • listened to seagull sounds on YouTube (I found one - I don't do a good seagull sound.)
  • washed dishes (Enjoyed the water, the bubbles and the sponge to wash his own dishes.)
  • fed the dog (One scoop takes three trips, but he has the chore of feeding the dog each day.)
  • ate lunch (Mmmm.  Cucumber slices, cottage cheese, a toasted bagel and milk.)
  • built a tower (Good and sturdy with a door to nowhere.)
  • crossed a bridge (That would be going from the ottoman to the chair?)
  • climbed the stairs to go for nap at 12:30 (Holding the railing is a picture I have to get!)

Can I make a poem out of this for Poetry Friday?  Maybe.  I’m going to try. while he’s sleeping.  After more writing until bedtime at 7:30!
2:00 - poem done!

An early start
To a great day
When I awoke
I got to play.

I sat at the table
when I got dressed
Folded my hands
And food was blessed.

I drank some juice,
ate toast with jam,
Washed my face
and then my hands.

I washed my plate
and then my cup
I built a tower
so high up

I played with cars
and sang a song,
Then listened to gulls
and cawed along.

I gave the dog
a scoop of chow
I did a puzzle
Of pig and cow

I fixed the piano,
the table and chair;
And then I brushed
Nannie’s long hair.

I read a great big
stack of books;
I hung some clothes
Upon some hooks.

I rode a horse,
but just pretend -
It seemed our ride
Would never end.

But then it did
and I could munch
Invisible oats -
a horse’s lunch!

More cars were driven,
And trains went fast;
Then it was time
For lunch at last.

Now up to nap
I climb the stairs
Just like Goldilocks
in “The Three Bears”.

But I’ll be awake
at half past three;
Ready to play -
Just wait and see!

That was more than I thought I'd get done.  I'm getting to be more like him already.  Hope I don't get worn out in these two weeks!
It's hard to get out there and comment, but I'll try in the evenings to do that after he's gone to bed.


  1. I love how you wrote this from your grandson's point of view. Being a grandma is the best. Enjoy your time with him!

    1. You are right - being a grandma is the best!

  2. Your grandson was a busy boy...and you too. I love that age...and loved reading from his eyes...the poem was lovely. Jackie

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I'm trying to soak up as much of this as I can. It doesn't happen often enough.

  3. And as I rise
    To play some more
    I hear my Nanny
    Let out a snore!

    1. Ha! You don't know how close that is to true...or maybe you do!

    2. This poem is so much fun!

  4. I bet you'll fall into a rhythm & won't be too tired, Donna. When my grandchildren stay, I mostly miss the down time doing my own activities. That's ok, but different. I think this is going to be wonderful to capture these two weeks. And how great for your daughter too. Happy Toddler Time!

    1. I'm making my daughter send me pictures of her out walking every 1 to 2 hours on the trip. She's due the end of April, so I want her to keep moving during their long drive. I think this is going to work out fine. Just the blogging I usually do may not get done unless I make sure to do it when he's asleep.

  5. one and I can feel the rhythm emerging....what a log this will be!

    1. I'm hoping all will continue to be rhythmical!

  6. Aw! What a sweet way to step inside his little world and imagine how the minutia of the world of visiting feels. :)

  7. Wow! I'm impressed - he was busy but you were productive! Love your poem, Donna! Enjoy your lil' fella - they grow up too fast. = )


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