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I like being called Nannie.  My mom was Nannie to my kids, and my father's mother was Nannie to me.  There is something so sweet hearing it for the first times, knowing your grandchild recognizes you and has a name for you.

"Don't stand on the couch.  Remember what Mommy said."  He continued to walk on the couch.
I said his name sternly, then, "Do not walk on the couch!"
"Yes, Nannie," came the reply as he plopped down on the couch.
All was really going pretty smoothly - just the usual reminders of not to touch, and directions in the morning.  Shortly after lunch it was nap time and I took some time to write my blog post.  There was about an hour left to relax and pick up a few toys before nap time was over.
At 4:00, he woke up, ready for snack and more playtime.  He always wakes up so happy and full of life, raring to go!
So, it was no surprise that after his snack he took off out the doorway and around the corner to the living room where he had a stash of toys and books.  I cleaned up his snack spot and was about to follow him, when I heard his frantic call, "Nannie, Nannie, Nannie!" 
"What? What's the matter?"  I called as I speed-walked to the living room.  It didn't sound like an injury call, but still a strange tone.
He kept on calling me, "Nannie, Nannie, Nannie!"
As I came into the living room, there he was sitting on the couch.  What could be the matter?  He hadn't fallen.  He was just sitting there in a blanket in the middle of the couch.  But then I noticed.  He wasn't really sitting.  One leg had gone down between the two pieces of the sectional couch.  He was stuck.  He had obviously been walking on the couch again, and had suddenly been trapped as his foot slipped between the cushions.  I tried just pulling him up, but he truly was stuck.  I pulled one section away and freed his leg, and we had a short reminder of the "no walking on the couch" rule.
"Yes, Nannie," he answered his eyes looking into mine.
We'll see how many times Nannie has to remind him tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm, wonder if the memory of being stuck will win out over the fun of walking on the couch. Doubt it. Enjoy these days, hopefully the call for Nannie won't be to rescue.

  2. My children called my mother "Nantie", started by my son, the oldest grandchild. I love your 'Nannie', and that the tradition has moved on. I'm Grandma to the oldest, & Grammy to the girls. I had special names for all of my "grands", too, a nice thing to remember. Have fun, Donna!

  3. I have so been, there - on the couch, twirling, twirling backwards, twirling backwards on the couch. At five, he has already taken to the ski slopes with gusto. So it seems, eventually, they do find an outlet for all that movement and spacial experimentation. In the meantime, it keeps Nannies and Nanties and Nanas on their toes. Smiles.

  4. Oh, so sweet. Hard not to giggle when those natural consequences arrive :) THanks for brining a smile to my face in this sweet vignette!

  5. I have a feeling Nannie will not have o remind him of this particular rule again.


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