Friday, March 21, 2014

Perpetual Poetry

Yea!  My favorite day!
It's Poetry Friday hosted by Julia Larios at The Drift Record

Have you been to Ed DeCaria's Think Kid, Think?  You MUST stop in and read.  It IS Poetry Friday, doncha know!  There are some unbelievably wonderful poems out there!
I happen to have a poem in this first round of the tournament using the word "miscreant".  You know, I don't believe I've ever used that word before this past Tuesday.  I had to look it up to find out what it meant.

Because it is Poetry Friday, AND I am babysitting a toddler, AND Ed wanted extra poems for the word "perpetual" yesterday - I wrote the following poem quickly, and am posting it here as well as on Think Kid, Think.

 Perpetual Motion 

Per-pet-u-al - Per-pet-u-al
the motion never stops,
Perpetual / Perpetual /
full speed with jumps and hops!
with a happy, rappy, tap!
perpetual... perpetual...
When will he take a nap?

ⓒ Donna JT Smith, 2014

Which one will be the horse today?

A number of times now, Grandson has wanted to run and let off steam.  He enjoys getting their small dog excited and running after him.  And then, just as when we had our two kids and they would tease each other, it becomes too much excitement to handle.  Some one gets hurt, scared or angry.  And that happens with the dog, also.  Running around with a little dog chasing you, jumping up and down when you stop, licking your face and hands and any bare tummy can get a kid pretty wound up.
So there is a need for a controlled "run" - a controlled "fun" - as much for my own sanity, as his.  Have you ever watched Monty Python's Holy Grail?  If you have you have seen the knights pretending to ride horses and clapping coconut half shells together to make the hoof sounds.
Grandson has an empty metal M&M container that comes apart in halves, that he likes to "trot" to when the two parts are clapped together.  It's a great way to get a bit of movement in, but not have it "out of control"!
We have spent quite a few afternoons with him trotting around the livingroom like a horse.  As he speeds up, I clap them together fast and erratically, when he trots, I clap them together with a trotting cadence.
When he realized what I was doing, he delighted in changing the pace of his "horse", and even slowed down to a slow walk, giggling as we connected with motion and sound.
Sometimes he puts the two metal halves together, and I have a terrible time getting them apart again.  So I have another plan.  Yesterday he ate two individual servings of applesauce in plastic containers.  I clapped them together, and they sound pretty good.  I think I'll try those today and see how he like his new horse.  We can always go back to his M&M horse if he doesn't like his new steed, Applesauce.


  1. Oh what a perfect word! I love how you spun it into a poem. The world of toddlers - yes yes yes that is it!

  2. Adorable poem, Donna-- written with a grandmother's love, recited with the voice of experience. I really liked your miscreant poem too! Good luck to you in the tournament. :)

  3. I have a grandson who fits that poem to a T, Donna. Great work!

  4. Donna, your poem made me chuckle--and you are such a wise Grammie to figure out how to slow your little galloping one down a bit.

  5. :) Th joys of having a little on around when you have crafty moves up your sleeve.

  6. Hi there Donna, it must be so exhausting having such a little energizer bunny galloping around your home, but such fun too, I bet.

  7. I voted (as did my students) for the happier, bouncier miscreant dandelions!

    1. Yea! I was very pleased to see that the classroom vote was in my favor. Of all the voting groups this was the one that was the most important to me. Tell your students "thank you"! I am happy that they liked it!


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