It's March 18

First info on March Madness 2014 Tournament.  Second (below the picture) the real slice if you don't care about the tournament but you do really care about my babysitting antics.

Here it is, the 18th day of March, the 18th post of the month of posts for SOLC hosted by Two Writing Teachers!  And not only that, but March Madness 2014 at Ed DeCaria's Think Kid, Think began yesterday with the first round of poets (or "authletes") getting their words to use in a poem.  Today is the day the second round of poets (including me) get their word!  In 36 hours the poems must be written and submitted.
Here are two links that will help you if you want to know the structure and timing of the tournament:
Link to March Madness 2014 Bracket for Round 1.
Link to March Madness 2014 Event Calendar.

I know a Slice isn't supposed to be informational really, and this isn't...really.  The above service announcement is more like a " oh, my, what have I gotten myself into" moment/slice of my life.

I'm still watching my grandson, so I hope I can fit some time in for writing a poem and voting on poems!  He doesn't do well with " let Nannie think".
"A spider! A spider!"
Pretzel and apple snack time yesterday was fun.  He is such a good eater.  He loves Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal or Five Grain Cereal (of course I put just a touch of real maple syrup and some blueberries on it), bagels with natural peanut butter, tomatoes (he ate a whole huge tomato - less one slice I had), sweet potatoes, bananas, oranges, yogurt, natural and homemade applesauce, orange juice with pulp, milk, water, blueberries, salmon, tacos, hamburgers, string cheese, sharp cheddar, broccoli, corn, cucumbers...I could go on.  I've not seen much that he's turned his nose up at.  He's fun to cook for!
While he was eating applesauce yesterday, I listened to him appreciating his food.  With each bite, he looked in his bowl, and said "Mmmm! Applesauce! Yum, yum!"  with each bite.  Sometimes he would say "Applesauce! Yum..." then stop himself quickly to correct himself.  "Mmmm!... Applesauce!... Yum, yum!"  Can't forget the "Mmmm!"
Lest you think he is growing up OCD, he did stop saying it after a while.  I think most 2 year olds are a bit OCD anyway!
Pretzel time turned into creating time as he bit into one and made a cross shape.  "Airplane!"  And he zoomed it over the table.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it was too small and he kept putting it up by the Apple on the iPhone instead of letting me center it on the camera.  Then he found a spider in the next pretzel.  "A spider! A spider!" he said as he walked it across the tabletop.  After that he took a whole pretzel and rocked it on it's bottom on the table and said "Croo!"  This was repeated over and over and I have no idea what he was saying in our language.  I thought maybe it had something to do with "Clue" as in Blue's Clue and the paw print.  That didn't seem to satisfy him though.  So I'm still at a loss as to what "croo" means in toddlerese.  Fortunately, he happily gave up trying to make me understand and just ate it.


  1. After keeping the grandchildren, I now understand why my daughter and son-in-law don't get much done until nap time. I know you can relate too. Will be thinking of you tonight-I'm off and running (jogging, limping) with the word! Have some fun today & best wishes in the next few days!

    1. He does take a good nap, which is when I write. Then I hear him moving around and realize what I didn't do yet that I'd planned on doing at naptime! Hope your poem is coming together!

  2. Your little guy is a precious gem! How neat that he is already seeing shapes in pretzels. Enjoy!

    1. I am so happy to be able to take care of him for these two weeks! We live too far apart to spend much time together, so I'm treasuring each moment!

  3. Donna, thank you for sharing snack time with us. I can just picture you sweet little grandson, and it makes me smile.

  4. I can really tell that you are loving every moment with this little fella, Donna. Special times.


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