Mommy, You're Here!

Day 26. We're on the last stretch for March SOLC.   I wonder how many will make it to 31 days with a daily Slice of Life?
Then, on Tuesday, April 1 (yipes), I will be participating in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April.  And because it is Poetry month and that is what I have done for the past 2 years, that is what I will be doing again - a poem a day.  My theme, you ask?  Well, I have an idea.  I'm just not sure how well it is going to fall into place.  My husband has said that I should do this theme next year and actually over the summer take pictures to go with it, as I did for last year's theme of Maine lobster boat names from A to Z.  I was able to take pictures of almost all of them, and some were sent to me by boat owners or available online.  I enjoyed writing poems for all the boats and searching out pictures for them.  But I am too antsy to do this one regardless of not having pictures, I may still have to do it and just adapt it a bit for no images.  Maybe I can send out an email for images... oh, I have another idea.  Okay, you will just have to check back on April 1 to see what I finally decided to do.

And now, back to today. 
Last night my grandson and I sat on the couch watching tv a bit before beds. He was snuggled up beside Mel. I was savoring the moment, knowing I'd be leaving in the morning without seeing him. He never even heard the door open as his parents arrived home.  My daughter peeked around the doorway and he glanced over there.
"Mommy, you're here!" he squealed, running to see here
Then Daddy came in.
"Daddy!  You're here!"
And then he went back and forth
 I am on a train home after being in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks with my 2½ year old grandson.  At 2½, two weeks is forever.  It's a good percentage of your life so far.  I figured it out (I figured out where to get the answers anyway!) it's 1.48% of his life, and only .06% of mine.  Do you see why time seems to go so quickly as we get older?  Each minute is just a smidgen of time for me relative to my age. For a kid waiting for a birthday, each minute is a good portion of their life thus far.
Anyway, though I haven't been able to be a big part of his life, these 2 weeks have been a wonderful opportunity.  I treasured all the moments and have a lot to tide me over until April, when I get to come back.  Of course, it will be an even smaller percentage of our lives then; we'll both be older.
Is anyone following this logic?

Oh, and this morning, I'm told, when he woke up, he called, "Nannie!"
And when mommy peeked in instead of me, he squealed, "Mommy, you're here!"


  1. Donna, I have so enjoyed reading about your time with your grandson. Now you have piqued my curiosity about your A to Z theme. I'll be checking back.

  2. What a special two weeks you've had! I love that he called out Nannie this morning. He will be glad to see you next month.

    What a special two weeks you've had with this first grandchild. A bond was created that will bring memories to you both. I love that he

  3. Looking forward to reading your April posts, and so happy that you shared these two weeks with us Donna. What a wonderful time you captured! (Maybe a little book for him?)

  4. Yep. It does make a lot of sense. I'm glad you had a wonderful two weeks with your grandson. :-)


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