Singing All Along the Way

Can you believe it? It's Day 28 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge!  Today I'm commenting.  Sometime, somehow.  I have commented but not as much as I'd like to.  Seems it's been so busy lately.

When I was babysitting, I found myself singing.  I was singing a lot.  And I remembered singing a lot when my own kids were small.  Every night I would sing "I love you a bushel and a peck..." and "Edelweiss" after storytime, as they lay in bed.  I sang "Edelweiss" for my grandson also, substituting his name for "homeland" at the end.

I also sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Everybody Ought to Know" and other hymns throughout the day.

And then there were the random songs.  By random songs I mean, songs I made up on the spur of the moment - songs that don't necessarily end up rhyming, and aren't to any tune anyone would recognize - songs made up to go with whatever we were doing, or what I was thinking at the time.  They could be songs about taking a bath, brushing teeth, putting on a shirt, walking, name it, I'll sing it!  I couldn't sing one to you now if I wanted to.  I tried.  I tried singing one like it for my husband, but I couldn't.  I think it has to do with singing to a 2 year old.  He liked everything I sang.  He thought it was wonderful and swung those little hips and elbows, or marched, or changed his shirt!
Things like:
"He's gonna put on his shirt like a big boy,
He's gonna put on his shirt like a big boy,
He's gonna put on his shirt,
He's gonna put on his shirt,
Because he's a big boy now,
and he's gonna show me how!"

Now see, that one rhymed.  But if I couldn't think of a rhyme before I got to the end of the line that needed one it might have ended more like:
"and then he's gonna put on his pants (or socks, or smile)!"
See, no rhyme.  But he still liked it.  And he put on his shirt and pants.
You have to make up your own tune for this song.  I have one in my head, and I'd love to sing it for you, but it's just not going to happen.  Remember, it is not like "sung to the tune of"...anything anyone ever heard before.  It's a random group of notes, though I try to make it songlike and repetitive.

If you don't sing, do it.  There is nothing like singing to your toddler.  They love it.  If you don't have a toddler, sing to your older children.  They will think you are crazy (unless you sang when they were toddlers).  Or sing when you are alone.  Sing out.  Sing loud.  Sing anything.  It feels good.  And you don't have to rhyme or know a song.

I like to sing
but here's the thing
I only sing when I'm alone
or if my grandson's at my home
then I will make the rafters ring
because it's fun to sing

Now there's a catchy song.  See I'd put my grandson's name in instead of "my grandson" and he would love it.  And this one happens to rhyme. But he would like this one as well, about things he's doing:

I like to sing,
I like to dance,
I like to read a book.
I'll sing a song,
and then I'll dance,
and last I'll read my book!

The Reading Boat
But don't sing WHEN he's reading.

Do you ever just sing out?  Why?  When?


  1. Yep, I sing a lot, or even alone, songs are in my head. But with the Grand girls, we sing all the time. They know a lot of songs because their parents sing to them, & the older one makes up songs just like you do, Donna. I bet your grandson will, too when he's a little older! Great to hear about him jiggling and marching!

  2. We sing a lot around here. My daughter LOVES music (it's actually part of her speech therapy regimen) so I make sure she hears my voice as much as possible. The best part of singing at home, rather than playing only recorded music, is that we can slow down the song so our little ones can keep up and learn the words.

    Loved the photo of your grandson reading in his box. Definitely not a time for singing. He's focused!


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