Tea Time for T

This is Slice 12 of 31 of the SOLC at Two Writing Teachers, and the poem below it, goes with it, and it's a contribution to Poetry Jam where the poetic topic this week is FOOD!

About once a month a friend and I meet for tea and a cookie.  Two weeks ago when we arrived for tea, my usual giant homemade gingersnap cookie had just sold out.  I asked her to run after the person that had bought the last one and get it back, but she wouldn't do it.  She did, however, agree that the next time I could call ahead and have one put on reserve for me.  I think I will have to do that!  I substituted a homemade shortbread Tyrannosaurus Rex cut out cookie for my usual.  It was cute, and very sweet!  But I think, really I may just try calling to make a gingerbread cookie reservation next time.

When it was time for tea,
The waitress said to me,
"We haven’t any ginger snaps;
Would you like Mr. T?
His icing’s sweet and green - 
The whitest teeth you’ve seen.
But I would eat him quickly ere
He has his bite with tea!"


  1. ha. what a fun substitute though...
    def not gingerbread or ginger snaps

  2. Gingersnaps are wonderful, but if a substitute was needed, green one was perfect! Wonderful tradition to get together for tea!

  3. Ha. So playful. Gingerbread cookie reservation sounds funny too. But I understand, things have to be just right when you expect a pleasant time with certain traditions.

  4. Oh, it is so disappointing when one can't have the cookie one really was depending on, isn't it? Mr. T looks 'charming,' but undoubtedly not quite the same. Smiles.

  5. We, human beings, are people of habits, aren't we? I think I'd prefer the ginger snap too.

  6. LOL cute poem. Actually Mr. T cookie sounds pretty good to me.

  7. I bet the dinosaur wishes there had been a ginger snap left too:)

  8. I love how excited Mr. T looks to be sharing tea with you. I also love your tradition. We should meet friends more often for tea and a cookie. Great poem to top off your slice.

  9. Oh, this is just so delightful. I see a collection of children's poetry here reminiscent of some of the work of Dennis Lee or Shel Silverstein. Very, very good.

  10. I want dinosaur cookies! But not to eat. Just to play with.

  11. Very sweetly written, must be Mr. T's influence!

  12. I enjoyed your pairing of poetry and pictures. I wanted to be there with you sharing a cup of tea.

  13. When you have your mind set on something it can be hard to substitute but what a fun alternative.

  14. Very nice and it made me smile, but i like ginger snaps!

  15. Hi Donna, hope you will find time today to make the rounds to the Poetry Jam people who visited you. I count at least eight of us who posted in response to your submission. We all enjoy comments as much as you do. Thanks.

    1. I understand, Donna. Thanks for your explanation. I do know that you have responded in the past, and I do know it is hard with a two-year-old. I do enjoy your writing and I will look forward to seeing your next poem whenever that is. Enjoy your week.


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