It's a Jungle Out There!

Day 27 of the Slice of Life Challenge

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Another adventure in babysitting -
That ball is really moving!

He picked up two balls -  one smooth green soft plastic, about the size of a tennis ball, the other also green but spiky and a little larger - both were flashing bright, blinking lights.  He began pumping his arms, wiggling his hands and then twirling the balls out in front of him up and down round and round furiously.
He suddenly stopped his gyrations and both balls became quiet and unlit.  He thrust both darkened, lifeless balls, towards me.
"You jungle, Nannie!"
It was then I realized he had been juggling!
I took the balls dutifully and began juggling as he had - which, by the way, is a much safer way to  "jungle" than letting them go flying through the air!
When I "jungled" though, only one ball lit up. It was motion sensitive.  The other stayed unlit.  I shook it more, thinking it would light up. Nope.  Squeeze?  No, not that.
So I said, "I don't know how to do this. How do you make this one light up?"
Without a word he simply reached out and gave the ball a good whack with his hand.  Immediately it began twinkling with life and light!
He didn't have the words to explain it yet, but he knew what I had asked.  He grinned at my surprised look.
And THEN, oh, yes, then I REALLY put on a "jungling" act!


  1. Every grandma needs to know how to jungle every now and then!

    1. Yes, they do! And moms, too! I think I'm going to have to call it "jungle" from now on!

  2. So funny! Love the jungling! I could probably jungle that way too.

  3. Ha! Grandma learns something every day! It is fun when you realize they understand so much, just can't explain it all in words yet!

    1. And it is so frustrating all around when they repeat phrases and words that you don't understand but you know mean something because they are so earnest and they say it the same way each time. Every so often you can finally decipher it, and what a relief all around!


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