Under Where?

Day 11 of 31!
Two weeks ago, my daughter drove up for a mini reunion with some high school friends. I knew I would soon be going to her house to take care of my grandson for a couple weeks, so I very cleverly packed my suitcase for her to take back with her.  That way I wouldn’t have to travel with it on the train.  First off, my shoulder won’t allow me to put anything in the overhead on the train, and secondly, the commuter train that I have to take locally out of Philadelphia really doesn’t have room for luggage.  They are just planning on having you go to and from work ... commuter style, of course.

For two weeks now, I’ve been uncleverly wondering to myself where in the world all my clothes went? I've emptied drawers.  I've double and triple checked the laundry to see if I’ve left a dryer or a washer load in a machine.  I've sorted and resorted dirty clothes seeking a necessary item.  It eventually dawned on me what I'd done.  Everything was now in Pennsylvania waiting for me to get there.  No wonder I was experiencing a clothing shortage.

I'm okay now.  I just have to do laundry more frequently and with smaller loads - and remind myself of why this is happening, so I’ll stop looking for things.  If I can’t find something, it must be in Pennsylvania.

When I return, I am not bringing the suitcase back, for the same reasons I sent it on ahead, and I’ll need clothes there again the following month anyway. We’ll drive down there when grand baby two is born, and I’ll already have clothes there for that visit.

For that trip home, all my clothing will ride home with us in the car.  I'm sure there will be tears of joy when my Pennsylvania "travelers" are reunited with the Maine "stay at homes".  Reunions are great things.  I'm thinking I may have to steal a few articles of underwear this trip, though, and tuck them into my purse.  They may get an earlier reunion, I need more than I left for myself.


  1. If I sent two weeks worth of clothes away, I wouldn't have anything to wear.

    1. Yes, I'm discovering that is the case for me, also.

  2. A charming write - oh those grandma perils you never could have imagined. Smiles.

  3. Sometimes great planning is forgotten because it was such a great plan at the moment. I hope the weather will still be the same when you return so you won't be too hot.

  4. I enjoyed this! I admit to laughing, mostly because I can relate. This is not quite as bad as when I'm looking for my keys or my glasses and they're in my hand. I suppose we all have these moments. (That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway.) Congratulations on your new grandbaby and the upcoming reunion with your undergarments!

  5. I do this sort of thing all the time. Not send clothes away, but have those moments when I forget what I did with things. I had company for 2 weeks at Christmas. I only have a one bedroom condo. A lot of "stuff" got "put away". I'm still discovering treasures.

  6. Great plan, Donna. Now yo also have the back up plan. :)

  7. So funny, Donna, to have forgotten and wondered where the clothes went. You're heading for another exciting time, happy for you! And glad you got everything 'found' again.


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