Poetry Anyone?

And now it is Day 5 of the March SOL.
Because on Sunday the names of the Poetry Authletes were at last made public, I can finally tell you that I am in at least the first round of the competition.
I am a bit nervous about it, because, not only will I be posting and helping here, I will be visiting my grandson some this month AND composing a poem under duress - maybe more than one if I'm lucky enough to move on to the next round.  I guess I will relive, at least for a few days, what it is like again to have a day job, have a toddler and try to write!  It's hard enough when I'm all by myself and just LOOKING at work I should be doing.

Whether I lose or win a little bit, it is always an honor to be in there writing with the wonderful poets included in this list.  I know there are some of you Slicers who are in the March Madness 2014 poetry tournament this year, too.  Are we slicing off more than we can chew?

Can I Do It All?

Take a slice and chew it up
Take a sip from out da cup
Take a word out for a spin
Make some rhymes to maybe win
Watch the toddler as he plays
Let work go for other days
I have words I need to write
He has teeth to brush at night
Then there's breakfast, lunch and dinner
Before I sit to write a winner
Or maybe I will have to settle
And pour some tea from out da kettle
Playing games and reading books
Hanging clothes on little hooks
Waiting for the bedtime hour
Waiting for the writing power
Hoping it comes forth with ease
Before he wakes for breakfast, please.

So here's the info about it and links to get there. (Less a slice in this section and more an info-mercial.)

Hosted by Ed DeCaria at Think Kid, Think, it is a fast paced, word assignment driven, kid friendly and geared toward, poetry writing frenzy.  If you have never been there or done that, it is a thing to be there for!  (Calendar of events here.)

Classes are welcome to sign up to read the poems being created and submit a classroom vote on favorites.  If you haven't signed up a classroom, you should do that!  It doesn't take tons of time out of the day and it gives your kids exposure not only to poetry, but to some pretty interesting vocabulary! (Sign up page here.)

Individuals may vote also from their home computers.  But once you have voted on the day's offering of poems, that computer is finished until the next round!  No doubling up on votes!  That means each spouse would have to vote on their own individual computers.
The poets have a word assigned to them and they have 36 hours to craft a poem using that word.  The poems are then put up for all to read and vote on for a day.  Votes are tallied and a winner of each match is declared.  Winners are paired, and the next words are assigned for a new face-off.

So check out the page, sign up your classroom, and be ready to read some good poetry (there's never any bad poetry, is there?) later this month!

You may even find one of the poems leads you to a slice!


  1. I'm ready to have a print-out of the names, Donna. I didn't see you in the video. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing what I'm feeling! I keep thinking 'what have I done?' to take on one more thing. Best wishes to you! Of course I'll be watching and cheering!

    1. I was in the third or fourth quadrant and have a level 9 word. I was happy to see your name... you may have recognized that I sent you the poem invitation? I got your reply poem! Thanks!
      But all that aside...what were we thinking? Is life not busy enough yet?

    2. Just got the print-out in email.

  2. Congratulations to you! I loved your writing style and like the idea of the Poetry Frenzy. Thanks for sharing! I know you'll do great!

    1. Thanks! It's an exhilarating ride doing the March Madness Tournament! And so many great poems are created in that short time.

  3. I love your writing style and the way you craft your poems. Your last line, however, makes me smile. I often "hide" in my writing space hoping the tapping on the keys will not be noticed....and "he" w ill think I am off for a walk...:)

    1. It is so funny how many of us "sneak-write".

  4. How could your work NOT be selected. Good luck - you will do great!

    1. You are so kind! It's a creative bunch of opponents (strange to call a poet an opponent - I must pursue that thought sometime!) on the roster!

  5. Sometimes the mind works best when there is much to do. You will "get 'er done" Donna and do it with style. Best of luck in your challenge!

    1. You know, in most things I do better when I have little time to think about it! It seems the opposite of what it should be...

  6. I loved that poem showcasing the race to find time to write in a busy-crazy life. I'm feeling it :)

  7. Exactly what I was feeling about slicing today! Good luck with the challenge, Donna.

    1. I know! I am trying to jot things down when I come up with something I could use the next day or the one after that... a list of ideas and notes about things that have happened... brain starters! Otherwise, I can sit there and miss something VERY obviously sliceworthy and write about my hangnail instead because that's all I see right then!

  8. A cup of tea could work wonders, gives a pause and a bit of energy to be able to continue at busy times. I admire anyone who breathes and writes poetry. Congratulations and wishing you luck.

    1. Whatever happens, it is an exciting and fun tournament... even if I'm just left in the dust READING the poems of others... I'll just get that cup of tea and settle in for some good reads!


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