There's a Time and a Place

My slice today is at nap time.  Posting is going to be tricky for a bit. Trying to find the right time and  place will be interesting. It will be especially difficult to do March Madness 2014 Tournament that's starting soon.
Today, Laura Purdie Salas has her 15 Words or Less challenge.  I decided maybe I'd have time to do that, but that's about it for today.
Go there to see her picture prompt.  It is an American Girl doll in a carrier that has a cutout heart for her face to either be seen or so that she can see...maybe both.  Here's what I came up with for the time being. I will try to make the rounds to comment later today.  Yesterday was too wild.  It's going to be wild for a while.  I need time and a place.

“My beautiful assistant
Will be sawn in two!”
Announced Magnifico.
“Ewww. Hand me the glue!”

Sorry for the gory story.


  1. I loved your poem this am, Donna. My timing for that & for finding time to comment on Laura's blog is always off. By the time I get there, many of you have moved on. I guess I could get up very early, but it probably won't happen often. Anyway, there were some great ones, including yours. The picture was eerie! Good luck on MM!

  2. The picture was a bit unsettling, but I loved your take on it.


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