Rotten Cuff

Rotator Cuff...sounds like a car part.  Or maybe a baseball pitch or boxer's punch.
But no, it's a human shoulder part, and I have neither been pitching nor punching.
Somehow, though, I've done something to my left one.  I think I twisted it and made it hurt a little bit just before Christmas.  Then in January I fell.  It didn't seem to hurt my left shoulder when I fell, but it did hurt my right shoulder and my left knee and left foot.  I guess they hurt enough that I didn't think about my left shoulder.
However, it has gotten progressively worse until a simple flick back of my hair with my left hand sends me writhing in pain.  The allure of the hair flick has gone agonizingly awry.  I now have to leave my long, golden (ok - silver) locks in my soup.
I went to see my doctor last week, and he referred me to physical therapy.  I have some arm and shoulder exercises to help loosen the muscles around the joint, and I am icing (sugar-free) it throughout the day to reduce swelling.  Next week I will go back to see how it's coming along and probably add some more exercises.  I think, though, that it is one of those things that takes a year to heal - if it is going to get better.  I just need to be patient.  How many times in life are we told to just be patient? 
I don't think I can patiently wait to flick my hair again.
Rotator Cuff...if only it were a car part.  Hello, VIP?  I need a rotator cuff for the left front.


  1. Sorry, hope it's quicker than a year, and wish you could call the AutoZone! I think I hurt my right arm, around the elbow, carrying so many heavy bags at NCTE. It's just now getting better, but I carry most everything with my left arm if possible. Whew-those parts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear it. Hair can be such a pain.

  3. Your connection to car parts is a great one; yet getting a car fixed is no easy task either! Hope you feel better soon and that your therapist is a great one!

  4. My favorite line: The allure of the hair flick has gone agonizingly awry. Sorry for the pain and hassle for you, I hope this won't interfere with typing on the computer.

  5. Ugh...sorry for the pain you must be in , Donna, but appreciative of your sense of humor.

  6. This is very cleverly written. I was torn between wincing in empathy or smiling at the hair flick gone awry. Smiles.


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