Friday, February 28, 2014

For a Dead Moth in Winter

Poetry Friday!
It's hosted today
by Anasta-
sia's Poet Poet.  You may
find a poem to say...
...that's enough rhyming, okay?

Here's my poem with a little video clip - I'm sure the clip will be here.

Ahhh.  There we go!
For a Dead Moth in Winter

On a summer’s night
I saw you fluttering -
Fluttering to meet my kitchen light.

In the morning light
I saw you resting -
Resting from your midnight flight

In the autumn’s blight
I saw you struggling -
Struggling in a silky plight.

In dead winter’s bright
I see you fluttering -
Fluttering as a tree strung kite.

©Donna JT Smith 2/28/2014


  1. This piece, for me, has a quiet, meditative zen feeling to it – taking in the course of the little moth clearly without illusion.

  2. Nice, but a little sad. I'm always unsettled by finding a little shell of an insect on a windowsill in winter.

  3. Yes, lovely but sad, but I like the life you gave this moth via your poem. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love that final line "like a tree strung kite", Donna. And I was going to ask if you really found one, but then I watched the video-amazing that it's still there after all the snow.

  6. I agree with Wendy, this poem does have a very meditative quality. "Fluttering as a tree strung kite" is a beauty of a line.

  7. Wow...I love how we see the moth "flutter" through the seasons of its life bringing us to its (and our) final "flight". Thanks for sharing. = )


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