Friday, February 21, 2014

Déjà Vu

A Déjà vu post for Poetry Friday Poetry Friday hosted by Karen Edmisten- reposted from this past Wednesday.  Visit Karen's site to read more poetry offerings! 
This is a reminder that the deadline for competing in the March Madness 2014 Poetry Tournament is fast approaching!  And it is a reminder to all who would like to vote in the upcoming poetry tournament!
I love to watch the Olympics, but feel so unlike the Olympians.  I am in awe of what they can do both physically and mentally.  I am sooo not them.  They are sooo not me.


I feel I meddle
when I write
of those of mettle
and such might

honed of body
toned of mind
soul and muscle
all aligned

they do not falter
though they fall
they continue
through it all

when defeated
means no prize
above the rabble
they still rise

but when victory
is seized
and Greek history

a medal’s donned
bronze, silver, gold
metals precious
to behold

when I write
of those of mettle
I wish I didn’t
feel I meddle
 © Donna JT Smith, 2014

Do you write poetry for kids of all ages?  Do you like a challenge?  Do you like writing with a deadline?  Then maybe you should consider signing up for the March Madness 2014 Poetry Tournament coming up in March!
It's not too late to apply as a poet!  There are crazy hard words to incorporate into a kid's poem to be written in 36 hours!  The Challenge is great - the true Poet Winter Olympics!  It is fun, challenging and a good kind of exhausting!
Your short application poem will be judged by Ed Decaria for entry into this amazing event.
And if you don't apply, at the very least, please stay tuned in the month of March to vote on your favorite poems!  Classrooms and homeschoolers are invited to vote also.

Post from Ed DeCaria, founder of March Madness Poetry:
March Madness Poetry 2014: Kids Poetry. Under Pressure.
  March Madness Poetry (#MMPoetry) brings the excitement of the NCAA March Madness tournament to the world of kids' poetry. 64 poets from around the world participate in the event; together, these poets write 126 new kids' poems in just 21 days: IT'S MADNESS!

This year's participants include THE LEGEND Jane Yolen, THE MASTER Allan Wolf, THE RHYMER Tiffany Strelitz Haber, THE ARTIST Samuel Kent, and THE PRODIGY Gloson Teh. The rest of this year's authletes will be revealed to the public on Selection Sunday, March 2, 2014.
APPLY TODAY to this "epic event" -- the deadline to apply is February 23, 2014.
Event overview:
Application page:
-Ed (event founder and organizer)
Hope to read you there!


  1. Fine poem, Donna -- I feel exactly the same. So in awe of what those athletes can do!

  2. Good luck with the March Madness competition. I assume you're a participant?

  3. Thanks for sharing, Donna - it's amazing to behold the results of such discipline and focus (not to mention talent)

  4. "I feel I meddle
    when I write
    of those of mettle"

    Me, too.


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