Friday, April 29, 2022

Y is for Yoffa and Yellow

It's Y Day in the AtoZ Challenge!

It is National Poetry Month, so I am posting a poem a day as I participate in the AtoZ writing challenge.  I will be writing ekphrastic poetry (a poem that was written with inspiration from an image) using a randomly generated image with a randomly generated FAKE word all this month.  

I am using the site: to get both a fake word and random image for the day.  Here's today's image and poem using the FAKE word "yoffa":




Yellow lines between the which

lies line of gray contained

That yoffa has been prone to cross

when not securely laned.

A yoffa has a problem

It's severely yellowblind,

so golden is the color that

a yoffa's mind can't find.

It never knows there's mustard

The sun is out of view

And dandelions bedecking yard

to it, look like they're dew;

a yoffa won't eat lemon pie

but salivate and sniff;

The sweet smell is enticing

when it catches just a whiff.

Though yellow is invisible

It sees every other hue:

Red and purple, green and brown...

But its favorite color's blue.

Donna JT Smith ©2022

Z last day of the AtoZ is tomorrow!

But I think I'll still keep trying a poem a day.

I did not have as many readers this year as in the past, but that is MY fault!  I just couldn't get around to reading much this year as I usually have done.  Sorry, all!  Maybe I can catch up.



  1. Loving this.
    This might sound a bit silly, but your poems have got me reading them out loud and they really come to life that way.

    Visiting from Facing The Mountain

    1. Thanks for visiting and reading. I’m glad you are reading them aloud. They are meant to slip off the tongue fairly easily, so it’s good to know they are “pass the test”!

  2. So creative. This reminded me a little of Dr. Seuss' poems about extraordinary creatures.


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