Friday, April 1, 2022

B and Progressive Poem

It's really Day 2 of April, but I posted early.  Skip down past the first poem with Burbositision if you are here for the Progressive Poem.

Intro if you haven't been here before: 

This month I am participating in the AtoZ writing challenge, which has a goal of posting a subject starting with the first letter of the alphabet on the first day, and ending with z on April 30 (excluding Sundays).  It is also Poetry Month in April, so my posts will be freshly written poems to go with the letter.  

I will be writing ekphrastic poetry using a randomly generated image with a randomly generated word all this month.  I am using the site "" to get both word and image for the day.   I am selecting a picture that I think can be associated with the letter of the day to go with the "Fake Word" I am stuck with.

Today is Saturday, April 2, so meet the letter B with it's preposterous word, "burbositision", and paired image.  So I need to use this fake word in a poem that goes with the image below:

 Burbs Building

its windows 
up and down
over under swerving
sharply projecting
piercing, curving
vining lining
waving watered walls
conceal meandering halls
burbositision at its best
is this nest
or jest?

Donna JT Smith ©2022
~So what would you say is the definition of "burbositision"?~

The second line, contributed by me is here.  Irene Latham started us off, with an intriguing first line taken from a book...THE IMAGINARIES: Little Scraps of Larger Stories by Emily Winfield Martin, so I did likewise....mine is a quote from Bilbo talking to Gandalf in The Hobbit - a poem for two voices?  Take the quotes out and move the line under if it doesn't fit the rest of "who knows how" it will go!
Where they were going, there were no maps; (Irene L.)

"Sorry! I don't want any adventures, thank you. Not today.” (Donna S.)
And now on to Catherine Flynn at Reading to the Core for line 3!


  1. Your theme for the challenge is very interesting, Donna.

  2. Your words flow beautifully and/or ripple as the image does, Donna. So much movement in something I would initially have seen as static. Well done! And I love the progressive adventure our little poem is on thus far. It looks like we are officially borrowing, and that works for me!

  3. What fun to play with words this month. The poem reflects the image. Burbositition is just this, a round building with bulging windows. What else would it be? Thanks for continuing the progressive poem journey with a little Donnadoition, a "rule" of sorts that someone may break and the voice of Bilbo.

  4. Hmm...I wonder where Catherine will go with this...and how I will follow her!!

  5. I think having it as a poem for two voices is a cool idea!

  6. I confess using a line from a book adds a level of stress I wasn't prepared for. But I think I've found a solution. Your "burbositision" poem is very clever! I love all those verbs!

    1. Lol! No book quote necessary! I just decided to see if I could find one that would be another voice. It goes anywhere from here! Be free!!

    2. It seems to me that "burbositision" must have something to do with a situation in the burbs! Since I love The Hobbit, the line brings us along already!

  7. The buildings in your poem remind me of the Austrian artist Hundertwasser, and what a mouthful of a "B" word. The Hobbit's a favorite of mine too, but ah there's definitely adventure there…

  8. Donna, you are very funny, claiming to want no adventures (vicariously) but also choosing to build your April around randomly generated words AND images! I like the idea of two voices...let's see where it goes!

  9. Donna, I tried to figure out what "burbositision" means but since it is beyond me, I will admire your amazing poem with the wiggly building. Introducing a voice into the Progressive Poem is an interesting move. This poem is going to have an interesting journey.

  10. Finally catching up and intrigued by your idea here, Donna - off we go! (And I adore found poems.) :0)

  11. I'm finally reading the Progressive Poem so far! Great line!


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