Wednesday, April 6, 2022

E is for Evative and Eye

Day 5 of AtoZ posts.  It's E dday!

It is National Poetry Month, so I am posting a poem a day as I participate in the AtoZ writing challenge.  I will be writing ekphrastic poetry (a poem that was written with inspiration from an image) using a randomly generated image with a randomly generated FAKE word all this month.  I am using the site: to get both a fake word and random image for the day.  I try to use the first randomly generated word that appears with the correct letter for the day and then pick the picture that seems to go with it somehow.  Here's today's image and poem using the FAKE word "evative":

In the Eyes


I saw inside the clearest eyes

the green of early spring

the grassy fields of summer

evative butterflies on wing

the beauty of an autumn leaf

aswirl to land on pond -

 those sparkling eyes far focused

looking deeply far beyond.

They searched what lay 'cross waving field

across the foaming sea

yet all the while those jade green eyes

were gazing up at me.

And I could see the trust in them

the joy in deepest well

a mother loves the near and far

the eyes of children tell. 

by Donna JT Smith ©2022


~ And the FAKE definition of "evative" is... ~

Stay tuned for F!

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