Friday, April 22, 2022

S is for Squuzzling and Sir Eatsalot

It's S day!

It is National Poetry Month, so I am posting a poem a day as I participate in the AtoZ writing challenge.  I will be writing ekphrastic poetry (a poem that was written with inspiration from an image) using a randomly generated image with a randomly generated FAKE word all this month.  

I am using the site: to get both a fake word and random image for the day.  Here's today's image and poem using the FAKE word "squuzling":


At Your Service for Eight...or more


Silver collar round my throat

Utensils squuzling gauntlet 'n' coat 

Silver spoons mohawk my skull

Silvery ware that's never dull

I'm at your service, knifed and spooned,

 with dinner forks my eyes festooned.

I'm Sir Eatsalot, the hungry knight;

I dice my food to size of bite

I make short work of soup or steak.

My favorite conquest?

 birthday cake!

Donna JT Smith ©2022

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