X is for Xlf and eXplorer

It's X Day in the AtoZ Challenge!

It is National Poetry Month, so I am posting a poem a day as I participate in the AtoZ writing challenge.  I will be writing ekphrastic poetry (a poem that was written with inspiration from an image) using a randomly generated image with a randomly generated FAKE word all this month.  

I am using the site: https://randomwordgenerator.com to get both a fake word and random image for the day.  Here's today's image and poem using the FAKE word "xlf":


Little eXplorer

eXplorer of the wondrous world,

little Xlf, you plot 

spying with a bottle lens

your hat a stainless pot

around each corner find new lands

rocking chair sails seas

treasures in a Lego box

paper tube palm trees

eXamining small creatures

a hippopotodog

a felionish kitty cat 

a crocodilifrog

eXplorer of the wondrous world,

little Xlf, you know

the world's packed with adventure

everywhere you go.

Donna JT Smith ©2022


Y is tomorry!



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