X is for X

Font: Hoefler Tex
Tagxedo Theme: SoapboX Parade - a word with an X
Poetry Form:  (Extreme) Shape poem - the shape of the letter X!

And even though the letter x is not at the beginning of the words, you would need the letter x to write this poem:

X is for X

          Watch how this                                   extraordinary fox
             Examines  how                               to exit this box.
               He tripped a trap                         with his hi-jinx,
                  And calls for help                  from Mr. Lynx.
                     The extra help is                not  enough
                      This box it seems          is really tough.
                       Exhaustion requires    an extra hand.
                        Who’s the strongest  in the land?
                         Here comes the famous Mr. Rex
                         His excellent muscles he will flex.
                            He  tries and  tries to  no avail.
                         Who can we call    that will not fail?
                       Exactly   who               can  extricate
                    This fox from his               box-toxic fate?
                 Extremely adept                     with  an   ax
                Now he’s called                          on  Mr.  Max,
              Who finally fixes                             this  fox’s  fix
            Before the  clock                                 tick tocks to six.
          Once exasperated                                   to  the extreme,
       He’s home relaxed                                       and ready to dream.
                                                                                      XXXxxxx....YYYyyyy.... ZZZZzzzz
© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith



  1. What a clever visual poem using 'X'! Well done!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  2. This is brilliantly executed. Well done.


  3. Love this! How creative :-) X was a tough one :-)

  4. eXceptional poem strategically shaped into an "X!" Bravo! Julie


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