Q is for Queen, Quilt and Quatrain

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Poetry Form: Quatrain - A Quatrain consists of four lines of verse with a rhyming pattern.  Examples of some possible rhyming patterns are:
#1) abab
#2) abba -- envelope rhyme
#3) aabb
#4) aaba, bbcb, ccdc, dddd -- chain rhyme

Q is for Queen

She wears a crown and fancy clothes
And strikes a very regal pose.
A queen requires you genuflect
To her it shows your true respect.

Don’t make fun or disrespect her
Bow down like a hem inspector.
If your behaviour’s deemed as good
Her Highness may bestow knighthood.

She rules the kingdom as a king
And wears the royal ruby ring
She has a splendid robe of furs
And everything she sees is hers.

With diamonds, silver, emeralds, gold,
She has more wealth than she can hold.
Her servants bring her what she needs,
And gardeners will keep out weeds.

She has a bed ornately carved;
And one could hardly say she's starved
She eats the finest foods around;
Her stuff’s the best that can be found.

When she goes riding through the land
Her subjects flock at every hand.
The people love her very much
And yearn for just a glimpse or touch.

It might be fun to be a queen,
Except I’d rather not be seen.
Though I would like to wear a crown,
I’d take it off to go to town.

©2012, Donna JT Smith

Q is also for Quilt
A Quilt Quinzaine

Quinzaine come from the French word qunize, meaning fifteen. A quinzaine is an unrhymed verse of fifteen syllables.   There are three lines with seven syllables in the first line, five in the second and three in the third line (7/5/3). The first line is a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement.

You warm me on winter nights.
Whose pieces gave you life?
Is this love?

©2012, Donna JT Smith


  1. Wow, Donna, these are just terrific. You managed to include so many ideas that are so "queenly". I like that verse number 3, "and everything she sees is hers" and of course, your ending. The quinzaine is another I don't think I've seen, with the questions, etc. Very nicely put. I may not steal your words, but might try the structure.


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