Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kangaroo

K is for Kangaroo
Font: Kwokol
Tagxedo Theme: Koi Carp
Poetry Form: Kyrielle Sonnet

A Kyrielle Sonnet is made up of 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and  a non-rhyming couplet).
It has a repeating last line or phrase as a refrain.   Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet has eight syllables. French poetry forms often link back to the beginning of the poem, so they may use the first and last line of the first quatrain as the ending
couplet, reenforcing the refrain of the poem. So the rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet would be:
AabB, ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

Oh, marsupial with long legs,
Your baby joey sits and begs;
He’s patiently waited, meek and mild,
You need to feed your hungry child.

He wants to leave the jumping mob
A flyer needs to do her job;
Let him in out of the wild,
You need to feed your hungry child!

You’ve grazed on grass and jumped around,
But now your pouch your baby’s found;
He wants to eat, don’t make him riled,
You need to feed your hungry child.

Oh, marsupial with long legs,
You need to feed your hungry child.

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith

Another Kangaroo Poem by me, no particular format name:

Joey in the pocket.
Joey having lunch.
Watch out for the doe
Or you'll get a punch!
Hopping to the right
Jumping to the left
Kicking up high
With a move so deft
Joey getting jostled
Jiggling all about
Careful that poor Joey
Doesn't jounce right out!
This kangaroo's a kicker;
Protective through and through.
So watch what you are doing
Or she'll be kicking you!

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith


Want to know more about kangaroos?  
Here's a folk tale about how the kangaroo got her pouch.
And get some fun facts about kangaroos at Interesting Fun 


  1. You are deft at the structures, Donna. I like that admonition to the mother to attend to her child! But the second one made me remember that I've often wondered how the baby joeys make it in the pouch when the moms are jumping and bouncing and moving? I I think that second one belongs in a book for children; they would love it. And I like the word "jounce".

  2. Donna,

    The poems made me smile. I like how you included more information about the kangaroos. My husband and I went to Deadwood, SD for our honeymoon. At that time there was a Roo Ranch nearby I talked him in to going. I am so glad we did we got to hold several joeys that were about 6 months old. They were so soft.

    I agree with Linda kids would love your poems.

  3. Hi, there! I love your poetry, no doubt about it. It makes me want to smile, in fact, I do smile as I read it. Thank you. I'm hopping on to read some more posts. Best regards to you. Keep on writing. Ruby

  4. So fun! :) Nicely done.

    PS-your pretzel comment was too funny!

  5. I enjoyed your poem about the kangaroo. The rhythms of your first poem really make the story of the baby joey fun to read. I found it interesting the way you ended your poem with lines from your first stanza. I'm learning so much about poetry this month.


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