Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mouse

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Poetry Form:  Minute Poetry - Minute Poetry has 12 lines of 60 syllables written in iambic meter. Its format is 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4 syllables each.  The rhyme is aabb, ccdd, eeff.

M is for Mouse

A tiny creature is a mouse
Who likes a house
And eats a crumb
To fill its tum.

It has a tail and tiny toes
A little nose,
Big eyes, some fur,
Small ears for sure.

It stays away from cats and hawks
Ignores door locks
Lives in the wall
Avoiding all.

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith

I am a mouse
Why don't you like me
In your warm house?

I am so small
I don't take much space
In your big wall.

I am quiet
I make soft noises
Not a riot.

When food's in sight
I don't take too much
Just a wee bite.

I can run fast
But I'm very careful
As I scoot past.

So won't you please
Give me a chance here?
I'll give you cheese!

 ©2012, Donna J.T. Smith


  1. Dear Mouse
    I do not like you
    In my house

    For many reasons
    You cannot be in my space
    At all

    I do not like
    The sounds you make as you scurry
    To and fro

    I do not like
    The way you open packages
    Without permission

    Like me
    You enjoy finding chocolate tucked away
    I cannot share with you

    For these reasons
    And so many more
    You must pack and go.

  2. I love mouse stories, all those 'little' things that people have imagined, like match boxes for beds. These are just the flavor of the mice that I like, just feeding on the floor crumbs, not in the packages at all. Unfortunately, that's just fairy tales, Donna. But I like your style!

  3. Not into poetry much, but I really enjoyed the picture silhouette created out of the words.

  4. I don't mind a wee mouse in the house... the only problem is when he invites all his relatives!


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