P is for Pear and Popcorn

Okay, this was not as easy as it seemed it would be.  I should have stuck with the Pantoum like I'd planned!  But here's the Palindrome Poem for Pear, anyway.  I hope you like it more than I do!  Besides, I had this post all ready to publish, but when I checked it last night, it had vanished.  Not good.  I had the Pear poem saved in a Pages document, so that was okay (except that I didn't like it, so I rewrote it), but the Popcorn one I'd written directly in the blog, so didn't have a copy.  I rewrote that too...all at 11:45ish pm.  Gotta be more careful with my stuff!

Tagxedo Color Theme: Pi Palette
Tagxedo Font: Paper Cuts 2
Poem format: Palindrome -
A palindrome, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads the same 
forward or backward. 
The carefully placed words form a phrase or sentence, whether it is read forward or backward.  

sweet and yellow
fruit, ripe and juicy,
eating for enjoyment,
enjoyment for eating
juicy and ripe fruit,
yellow and sweet,

©Donna JT Smith, 2012


Apple, pumpkin, banana or berry
I like pie.
Pecan, squash, chocolate or cherry
I love pie.
Put on some ice cream
Or serve it with cheese
Pile on the whipped cream
I'll say "thank you" and "please".
If you want to know how long is a mile
Just look at me and measure my smile.
I adore pie.

©Donna JT Smith, 2012
And here's a Popcorn Acrostic...all my P brain can handle right now.

Puffy kernels
Perfectly popped
Crunchiness, needing
Only butter and salt for
Nighttime nibbling.

©Donna JT Smith, 2012


  1. I'll have to try a palindrome poem-even that rhymes! Both are good, but I like the way you wound your way crunching popcorn in the acrostic! Nice, Donna!

  2. Great popcorn acrostic! Made me hungry for popcorn :)

  3. Like the popcorn one the best and also the food itself. Mmm, a palindrome--seems hard. Love the tagxedo which I definitely need to do! Thanks for reading my blog even though it's not posted!

    1. I had to go back and see what you meant about "not posted". Now I get it, you mean not posted on SOL! I couldn't think how I'd seen it if it wasn't posted! And yes, I read you even if you aren't posted!

  4. I think this is lovely and fun! :D

  5. Your poems are making me hungry. I enjoyed the palindrome. I might have to give one of those a try.


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