Bonus: Little C

A very dear friend has just had her third baby.  She has become my friend through my daughter, and I enjoy her company and her family very much.  She has been like another daughter to me, and as time has gone on, just as with my true daughter, an adult peer friendship has developed.  And so, I feel much like a grandmother to her children, and especially this new life so close in age to our first grandchild.  I wrote this poem for this new life.  Such a special time of new beginnings lately.  It makes my heart want to burst with love, and it brings tears of joy to see these lovely ladies, once tea party friends, become such wonderful mothers.

To Little C.

Beautiful girl
without a curl
your butterfly lashes,
where are you going
in this world?
Who will you come to be?
We are anxious to see.
But if I could,
I’d delay
that "someday",
And I’d keep you,
Little C,
by me!


  1. So sweet, Donna & congratulations to the parents for this new baby, always & ever a blessing. That first part is wonderful, can just imagine this little bald baby with the beautiful lashes. A special time for you, too! I've had Ingrid with me since yesterday & love the age, the wonder they have of everything.

  2. too true, the line about delaying someday...

    celebrate life...
    stopped by from the A TO Z


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