Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Onions and Osprey

I'm more than half-way through the alphabet with poems in alphabetical order, for kids of all ages...and today is brought to you by the letter O.  There are not too many onions poems out there, so I thought I'd write a couple o' onioems.

Tagxedo Theme: Ocean Five
Tagxedo Font: Cairo - okay, it has an O at the end...I couldn't upload the font I wanted.
Poem style: Ottiva Rima - This is written in 8 line octives of 10 or 11 syllables in each line.   The pattern of rhyme is abababcc.

I love you onion white and odorous,
Though lacking character when you're oblate.
Many people may think you odious,
As you lie peeled and sliced upon my plate.
But how your power becomes obvious
In this sliced up, finely diced up pungent state.
Your overreaching flavor can make me smile,
As I am eating and I'm crying all the while.

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith


Onions always make me cry
But I don’t know why
They don’t hurt my feelings
But they pick on my eyes

They don’t pinch my fingers
Nor step on my toes
But still bring me to tears,
Turn my nose to a hose.

I like them on hamburg
I love them in salad
I adore them on hot dogs
I could sing them a ballad.

So why do they torture
And why make me cry?
I love them to pieces,
But they don’t even try

To give me back love
Nor be my friend!
Is it because always
It’s the same in the end?

They always get chewed
And then I will swallow,
And soon they will drown
With cold milk that will follow.

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith



Hello, how was your winter?
Where did you stay?
Did you get enough to eat?

 It was a long flight but
Jamaica was warm,
and I had plenty of fish to eat.
And you?

I stayed in the Florida Keys;
I was not as warm
as I've been in the past,
but the fishing,

When did you get home?
I hope
you have not been
waiting long.

I arrived yesterday.
Storms blew me off course
and delayed my flight
by days.

Such a long winter
and long, lonely flights,
it's good to be back home
together again.
This nest is a mess of
 dried seaweed
and old feathers.
It needs a new layer
of sticks
and fresh seaweed.
For soon three eggs
will need to be warmed.
And there will be
new feathered young
to feed
teach to fish.
And before long they, too,
will find mates
and take
separate winter vacations. 
And in spring,
they will once again
return to each other
here by the

Are you hungry?


Me, too! 
What do you say
we put spring cleaning off
for today
and go out for

© 2012 Donna J.T. Smith

Watch the osprey near us in Maine...if they are home at the time anyway!  Check back later if they are out fishing when you peek into their nest.  They have eggs there right now, so there should be someone there most of the time.  I think I saw 3 eggs this morning when the parents left to go fishing.
Remember, it's dark at night!  So plan accordingly.
There's a dumb ad that plays for a short while, but after that it's all osprey!
Go here: The Taste of Maine Osprey Web Cam

Oh, dear, me!
    Could this be
        A to Z
 © 2012 Donna J.T. Smith


  1. I'm having so much fun checking out what you come up with every day...today is no exception! Onions, osprey...and oblate - which sent me running to my dictionary, and beginning my day by learning something new. Thanks,Donna!

    1. I love the word oblate! It so describes an onion's shape. I'm getting there myself!

  2. Donna, you can take any subject and turn it into a delightful poem. I love all the "o" words in the first. You reveal interesting information in the osprey conversation. Your final poem is telling. :)

    1. Yes, the final poem...
      My husband is getting worried about me, I think! As a former psychology major, I'm claiming and naming this disorder CPD - Compulsive Poet Disorder.

  3. Me too with the oblate-but love that line about onions on the plate! In fact I like that whole poem, would be good in a cookbook, wouldn't it? And thanks for the osprey cam. Just sittin' & waitin'. They are fabulous to see & lucky you to welcome them back! Thanks for all the 'O' conversation Donna!

    1. I love, love, love watching the osprey and seeing them return each spring. There are lots of huge nests around here, some in trees and some atop big nesting boxes that people have built. It's against the law to disturb them or their nests, so people try to "encourage" them to build on the poles instead of on bridges. We had a real problem when our bridge to the island needed painting, but the osprey had returned. Had to put it off for half a year while they raised their family atop our bridge.

  4. Thanks, Karen. I'm having o so much fun!

  5. Your poems are so creative and entertaining! The Onion poem and your little A-Z OCD blurb were my faves today.

    Thank you for sharing your writing.

  6. Loved your onion poem and as far as your A to Z OCD...very cute. I think at some level are all have some OCD going on. Keep on having fun with the A to Z and we will see you at the finish line.


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