J is for Jazz and Jazzetry and Jabber!

 J is for Jazz!

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Poetry form: Jazzetry - poetry recited to jazz music accompaniment - really, I found this!  I didn't make it up.

BEFORE you read the poem, you should go to: FreePlay Music and listen to the Preview of Number 6:  Straight from the Heart the 2:19 second song there as you read the poem...for the effect of Jazzetry.  You may have to try it a couple of times to get the rhythm just right.  Wait a few seconds into the music...after the intro to start reading the poem to the music...Let me know if you got it!
I would have made it play here, but it is copyrighted and I can't just publish the music here.  You can do it though.  I know it's a lot of trouble and all, but really, once you have played the music in its own window, and had the poem beside it...you can really even sing it...get down...enjoy...sing it to your hairbrush, in the mirror...to your baby!  And I'm not giving you any more poems for J today, so you have nothing else to do anyway.  You might as well just sing it with the music. :^)  Sigh. If you don't want to play the music, then just try to sing it jazzy...jazzily?
'Cause if you don't sing it in a jazzed up fashion, it will just be a very dumb sounding poem!  So don't tell me about it.

The Jabber Baby Blues

Jabber on and on
Just to hear your song
Jabber all the day
Jabber any way

Try to make some sense
And not gibberish
Just enunciate
And it would be great

But no....

You just jabber on
Yes the whole day long
And my ears still ring
With your words and song

If you just spoke right
I would hear in spite
Of this jazz I hear
Ringing in my ear.

Oh, I really wish
You would learn to speak
Take those sounds and tweak

If you’d just be clear
And get older dear
Then we’d all have clues
And not sing these blues

Yes the baby blues
Won’t be done till Twos
And then you will say
No, no, nay, nay, nay

Never mind, my child
Keep on speaking wild
You can rant and scream
For I would rather dream

That I knew quite well
Any thing you’d tell

For so soon you’ll say
No, no, no, no, no
Nay, nay, nay, nay, nay!
How I dread that day...

© 2012 Donna Smith 
Jazz Facts on eHow 

I know.  I said there wasn't another poem.  I was wrong.  I didn't lie.  At the time there really wasn't another one.  But I just had this other one that floated in as I was checking my email.

A bowl of Jello
With tentacles below
I see through you
You’re a drifter-through
You seem to go
With the current flow

You have no nose
And you have no toes.
You lack a brain
Can you feel pain?
How do you see?
You can’t look at me.

It’s a scary thing
When you use your sting
To kill a fish
For your main dish
Tentacles hold it tight
To swallow every bite

You have no ears to hear
You have no bones, it’s clear
You cannot make a noise
You do not play with toys
But still you seem to be
So very free at sea.

I should not touch your sting
But with my shovel I can fling
You back into the deepest blue
I’m the one who just saved you
When you get back out to sea

Will you still remember me?

© 2012 Donna Smith


  1. Okay, I did it! You have to know what a cyber friend I am to be singing this so early in the morn, but it did work, & I sang "no, no, no, no, no" a few times at the end! What fun, Donna. Thanks for the wake up!

    1. You are making me laugh right now, out loud, all alone in the kitchen, at the thought of you doing all this first thing in the morning! Probably with a grumble a couple of times. Thanks for going the extra mile, cyber friend!

  2. And the jelly fish poem reminds me that non-fiction poetry is popping up all over the place. I just taught a lesson last week about writing poems that are backed by research/knowledge, & your jellyfish one clearly shows you "know" them. Interesting creatures, can be so beautiful (as seen in an aquarium display), but so hurtful (my daughter was stung very badly in our last trip to Mexico). I love that "you have no nose/and you have no toes/you lack a brain/can you feel pain?" And all the rest actually. I didn't know that you could shovel them back. Do you do that? Thanks for a new look at jellyfish.

  3. "You have no bones, it's clear." Isn't it though! Fun!


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