Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rooster

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Poetry Format: Rondeau = a French poetry form of 15 lines of three stanzas: a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines), and a sestet (6 lines). Its rhyme scheme is: aabba aabR aabbaR.
Lines 9 and 15 are short, made up of a refrain (R) being of a phrase taken from line one. The other lines are longer and all of the same metrical length.

R is for Rooster

He rouses us from sleep
His mission is to keep
The neighborhood awake;
With crowing he will wake
Us from our slumber deep.

Without a yawn or peep
To bedroom door I creep
His crow I cannot take
Rousing us

The stairs seem pretty steep
When I am half asleep
There is a lot at stake
This rooster needs a shake
This creep’s in trouble deep!
Rousing us

© 2012, Donna JT Smith


R is for Rhinoceros

It is just too preposterous
To think a rhinoceros
Could be easily led
by his rhinocer-head.

It would be much too dangerous
And way too adventurous
Not to stay very clear
to his rhinocer-ear.

If it wasn’t so thunderous
It might seem quite humorous
When he snores in his doze
with his rhinocer-nose.

He is clearly not acerous  (a seer’ us)
So we don’t want him near us
I wish he hadn't worn
his big rhinocer-horn.

And because he’s so ponderous
And not really fond of us
He might step on his foes
with his rhinocer-toes.

He might seem very treacherous
But he eats asparagus
You’d not be a sweet treat
at his rhinocer-feet.

So don’t be afraid of us
Says old Mr. Rhinoceros
But just stay far away
while we rhinocer-play.

©Donna JT Smith, 2012


  1. I cannot decide which is more clever, Donna. I love the sleepiness theme of the first, a gentle reminder that rooster don't always do good, but the changing of the words in "rhinocer-ous" is just terrific, and you played it more than once! Love them both.

    1. Thanks, Linda. We had a rooster when I was a kid. Boy, did I not like that guy!

    2. Oh, but I never did have a rhinoceros.

  2. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge...lovely blog...good luck with the rest of the challenge...

    Donna L Martin

    1. Thanks, Donna. I'll pop on over to yours in the morning...long day...whoops! It is morning.

  3. What a fun use of the word "rhinoceros"! (And I'm very impressed that you wrote TWO poems for R!)

    1. Thanks! As I mentioned in one other blog...I think I have Poetry OCD...or CPD (Compulsive Poet Disorder).

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ruth! I'll make a visit to your blog in the more civilized hours!

  5. Clever x 2. Love the rhinoceros with the play on words for all the body parts.

    1. Thanks, Violet. The rhinoceros one was fun to write.


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