Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lookin' Good!

I have been making time for myself lately, getting some physical health issues taken care of, writing each day (thank you for getting me going SOL), and making jewelry.
Last night I went to a jewelry making class at a local bead store. I've really wanted to learn how to do wire wrapping, so when they offered classes, I signed up for them all!
I made a sterling silver ring on the first lesson, silver earrings on the second lesson and then a wrapped stone "donut" pendant last night. I was pretty pleased with the finished piece.
It's been relaxing to sit with others and try something new not related to school and chat about things other than school.  I was amazed that at the past meeting 4 out of 7 people there were teachers.  It only came up in passing, and we quickly let go of it.  It didn't seem to be something we wanted to "be" just then.  We were trying out our other "being".  It was kind of like the feeling of wearing a mask, and realizing no one knows who you are, and you're trying out the mask's character...or maybe it's just the opposite.  Perhaps it's getting back to knowing your character, throwing aside the teacher mask for a while. 
Hmmm. I'll have to ponder that for a bit.  Since I'm retiring this year, it's probably more the latter.  I have to get to know me in another way now.
But back in the teacher world again, I still need to finish my report cards and get ready for conferences. So maybe it's a bit "procrastinative" taking time off from late night school chores. I don't care. I'm still going with my mother's philosophy: you are better rested and happy than tired and stressed.  I'm going for the rested and happy.  It looks good on me.


  1. Yes it does look good on you and your humor makes all of us forget when we need to. When do you start selling your creations? I want sea glass:)

  2. Ahh, I'm procrastinating getting started on my report card comments right now too... Ahh the life of the teacher! Working at home & working at night. I agree that it is better to be rested and happy than tired and stressed!

  3. What an interesting reflective post, & how great that you've found something new to do. I keep flitting from thing to thing & so far nothing comes right. I like the part about trying out another 'being'. So true. Glad you found others were in sync. Your jewelry looks beautiful.

  4. I love your jewelery! Even more, I love the reflective nature of your post. Hmmm, putting the mask on or taking it off? Maybe a little of both. That seems to be how life is, you know. Masking and unmasking happening simultaneously.
    Looking forward to reading your slices on Tuesdays. Thanks for writing with us this month,


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