Friday, April 1, 2011

Always End With a Question?

What has it meant to write every day?
Has it been easy and seemed like child's play?
I only wish.

Were there brain cramps and grumblings some nights?
Was slicing the cause of some family fights?
Could be.

Did we, new friends, virtually meet?
Read you Tuesdays!
Was reading their slice a virtual treat?
Deliciously so!

Has writing become our voice or a bore?
Well spoken.
Has writing become our choice or a chore?

As we were writing did we have fun?
Are we sad that the work here is done?
It is?
This is a "double post" as I could not resist the challenge of the "Found iPod Poetry".  I do not have "regular" music on my iPod.  Be aware, it's all Christian music, so it was a challenge to see what could be made of it for a "Found Poem".  Here goes!
Hold on,
Press on,
Day by day,

Morning has broken;
Fill me now;
Use us.

Sweet happiness!
One thing I know,
I must be special.

Nearer, still nearer
You raise me up.
I've been changed;
I stand redeemed.

Blessed assurance,
By and by,
You can start all over again,
If you believe.

Wayfaring stranger,
Come home.
I can only imagine
This must be the place!


  1. Love your poems. I need to try that Ipod poetry idea - see you next Tuesday!

  2. Great-both poems-to begin our poetry month. It's been lovely reading all your writing, & I look forward to more on Tuesdays at least.

  3. Your first poem begs to be read aloud. I can hear its rhythm!

  4. Obviously you had too much time on your hands! Three pieces for the last day! Great poems...enjoyed both for very different reasons. See you Monday and read you on Tuesday.

  5. @Wanda Brown
    Ain't snow days great?! I even worked on report cards some.

  6. Thanks for being a part of the March challenge. That Ipod poetry is fascinating. I don't have an Ipod but I think this kind of poem inspiration has been fun to read among contributors. I think having all Christian music made your poem hang together in a unique way.

  7. Really enjoyed both pieces. Your line in the first about slicing being a cause of family fights really stuck with me so much. I was wondering if anyone else had experiences. I know personally, writing everyday was a big change and I think it was hard on a few people around me. Writing takes time. And your second poem was inspirational for me.


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