Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Can't Read

I downloaded 3 books for my iPhone: A Boy Called It, The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave. I've finished the first two and have begun the third. I haven't read a book since I don't know when. That's mostly because I don't know how to stop once I start.

I really can't read
A book over break
Or at 3 am I'm
Still wide awake.

My vacuuming
Isn't complete
And on my bed
No clean sheet

Walking the dog
Will have to wait
And suppertime
Will just be late

After vacation
It's back to chores
And with a book
I'll be no mores

I'm afraid the time
I use for blogging
Is likewise very
Prime time hogging

I must be wary
And watch the clock
Feed my husband
Take the dog for a walk

I can't neglect
All else because
Obsessive is
As obsessive does!


  1. I can certainly understand not putting a book down, especially those three. It's really hard to read them, & try to understand the feelings going on, but they were great. A student introduced them to me who had met the author, whose life they follow. Heartbreaking, & inspiring too! As for your poem, good rhyming & tongue-in-cheek content; I didn't know whether to laugh about the problem or commiserate with you. "Prime time hogging" - te he!

  2. Oh my, you have described me to a T. I only read on my vacations because I,too, become obsessed!


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