Consider the Taradiddle

TeacherDance threw out a word on Monday that I could not leave alone either.  I pictured an interesting creature, and I had to let it loose.  Perhaps someone else out there would like to take a swing at the "taradiddle" riddle.  Here's my swing at it!  Thanks TeacherDance for the strange word!

Consider the terrible taradiddle
With teeth as black as a cast iron griddle,
And the fearsome voice of an untuned fiddle,
Claws so sharp they are used to whittle,
Eyes not on top but in his middle,
And from his mouth spew bits of spittle.
It does not matter if you're big or little,
I would not linger nor finger twiddle
Anywhere near a taradiddle!


  1. Ah-h, that word again! Your creature, that infamous taradiddle, is quite alarming. Also interesting how many words are useful here when rhyming! Thank you for the attribution, & for the great poem. I think I like 'finger twiddle' the best.


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