Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Haiku for You

We read a "Time for Kids" news about Earth Day and tree planting.  So we planted acorns gathered from my front yard (before my husband aerates the lawn and we lose them) so we could have oak trees to plant at home later. The acorns were in all stages of cracking open and starting to root.  It was kind of an Earth Day thing.  We always miss Earth Day at school as we are off for spring break.

We later read another "Time for Kids" that had animal poems by Jane Yolen.  One prompt in it was a picture of a flamingo just taking from the water, its long legs skimming the pool.

We talked about what a Haiku was and we jotted down some words the picture of the flamingo and the acorns we examined made us think of.  We wrote, counted syllables, edited, and finally glowed as we became content with our class Haiku for the flamingo and the acorn.

The third Haiku is mine.
The Flamingo

Running on water
Splashing but trying to fly
Like a pink airplane.


The small acorn falls,
Cracks open, grows a white root
In the soft, wet ground.
Hands pat soil gently
Nestling acorns in warmth
Caring for new life


  1. Nice to do something for earth day, & to write about it. I've never seen a flamingo take off, but it must be interesting! I'm happy you put in about the acorn falling; it seems an important part. And the 'pink airplane' is certainly a new look at flamingos.

  2. I love the pink flamingo one--like a pink airplane--love it

  3. Oh, I wish I had thought of this, but I didn't have my kids due to our proficiency testing. But I'll tuck it away for future plans! I love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :)

  4. I enjoyed the haikus. I loved how you integrated reading, science, socials studies and writing.


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