Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Have Been Blessed

Well, 30 days, 30 is the last for April's poetry month. (I think I had 29, but on two days I did more than I think it still counts!)  This has been fun and I've really appreciated the encouragement from my new friends here on the Internets!
What will it be next month?  Hmmm.  I think I "may" have an idea.

I Have Been Blessed

Who could know what would be my walk
Of everything life had in store?
My joy spills over when I take stock,
How could my life hold any more ?

I watched my children learn and grow
We loved them and they left our nest
We gave them their tickets to go
With strong wings they passed the test.

As my own parents departed
I witnessed the joy in their soul
I could not remain downhearted
For their names were found on the roll.

The sweet perfume of a beach rose,
Or the salty scent of the sea,
The way that the nighttime moon glows,
I have found are blessings to me.

The eagles that soar above all
A foggy morn's kiss on my cheek
The sound of a mourning dove's call
These blessings I daily will seek.

As sun's rays reach out from the sky
At the end of another day
I know it won't be hard to try
To cast all my burdens away.

How could I say I've not been blessed
When wonders around me abound?
How could I say I've been given less
When all that I need I have found?

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  1. I like the way you began, using the 'walk' as your life's analogy-so pretty to think about. And I enjoyed your 'walk', looking at marriage/children, parents and your love of nature, which has shown through so much this month. And naturally, I love the restful, contented rhythm. Lovely end to the month! See you in May!


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