Friday, March 18, 2011

Mud Puddles

At late bus duty,  I watch the 5 to 8 year olds, still encumbered by winter jackets. They know the rules.  But it's spring.  Well, springish.  The snowbanks are melting today at a rapid rate, making the playground muddy and puddly.  Getting to the playground is the first obstacle.  There's a slim river snaking its way to the drain between the paved area and the woodchipped playground.   Drawn like ducks, they go on auto-pilot. A moment ago they had all intentions of avoiding puddles.  They were warned before they went out.  They shook their heads - no way were they going to go in water.  Nodding heads showed that they knew what the teacher meant about staying out of the mud.  Running outside, warnings became vague memories. The first boot hit smack in the middle of the river.


  1. Those mud puddles are like loadstones. How could they avoid them? LOL

    I was lucky when we were home Mom would let us put on our galoshes and play in the puddles. I still remember how the water would squish and slurp as I jumped in our puddles by the side of the road.

  2. This post made me chuckle. Kids are drawn to mud like magnets. Love your description of lost good intentions.


  3. It's quite a concise description of childhood fun. I loved every word, but 'drawn like ducks, they go on auto pilot' really tells it like it is. I can just 'see' it. You made me chuckle.


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