Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Will You Do?

An assembly broke the news.  Well, kind of.  They saw me get flowers.
"Why did you get the flowers?"
"I'm retiring."
"Are you retarding?"
"No, retiring."
"What's that?"
"That means I won't be teaching anymore."
"I've taught for a long time."
"But what will we do tomorrow?  Who will teach us?" one says, tears filling his eyes, lips quivering, scooting up closer to my chair.
"Oh, I'll be here tomorrow.  I'll stay until the end of first grade."
"Will you ever come back?"
"Oh, probably.  I might want to come in and have someone read to me."
"What are you going to do?"
"I'd like to write some books.  You know how I like to write."
"Oh, yeah!" they respond, nodding their heads.
 "But who will teach me?" my heart whispers, tears filling my eyes.


  1. Oh Donna, that was heart-breaking. Congratulations on your retirement, but the thoughts that must have raced through the heads of some kids. But who will teach me? It brings tears to my eyes too

  2. Well said my neighbor...well said...meanwhile across the hall...what is retiring? When are you retiring? How old do you have to be? What will they do when they don't come to school?

    I don't think our kids ever see us as being anywhere but school.

  3. This is so touching. Hearing about it through the voices of your kids certainly gives another perspective and I can tell they love you and count on you.
    Congratulations--but I have a feeling it's somewhat bittersweet.

  4. Congrats on your retirement! Cherish these last few months and bottle up all the love. I'm sure they'll be looking forward to reading to you in the future.

  5. Okay, as I was reading this I was thinking, Oh, how sweet! Aren't little kids cute. And then I got to the last line and the impact of your words instantly brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully expressed; we are not the only teacher in the room. Simply beautiful.

  6. Congratulations. I bet you'll have many more moments like this, & some even after you leave. It was wonderful the way you led us into the story, & the story really is the 'whole' story isn't it?

  7. Wow. I love the way you ended this piece. Just beautiful.


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