Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

I looked up yesterday afternoon as I got into my car.  Stunning cirrus clouds were wispy over my head.  I grabbed my phone and snapped picture after picture.  I wanted to be sure they would look as good 2D as they did in 3D.
They made me hunger for more clouds.  As I went over the Kennebec River I could see that the clouds from there were also prime candidates for a photo shoot.  However, stopping in traffic wasn't an option, and neither was parking and walking back with this cast on my foot.  So I kept driving, all the while thinking "Rats, I want those clouds".  But as I got off that 4 lane bridge and started for the next narrow bridge to the islands, "what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a big old osprey on a wire quite near."  I had to cross that bridge five times before I could avoid traffic and stop the car on the bridge and get a picture.  As I pulled away after getting the shot, I saw that the car ahead of me was making a u-turn like I did, and the ones that had just come up behind me were driving really slowly and had stopped on the bridge also.  You know you are in Maine when a bird can cause a traffic jam in a town of 500.  But it's justified, he is back a couple of days early from Jamaica.  We're happy to see him.  Now for his lady friend's return!


  1. Beautiful! Your phone really takes great shots. It was an amusing story about the stops on the bridge. I guess everyone is ready to celebrate spring!

  2. I am a long-time taking-pictures-while-driving person, but hate to admit this. Is it because I only stop to think and quiet down the noise while driving? Or that my camera, with its tilt screen makes it easier? I have to admit, though, that I even used to take photos with my old film camera, pointing it haphazardly out the window while never taking my eyes off the road.

    I love the slice about the bird creating such a ruckus in your town of 500! The photo are beautiful, the bird shot impressive. Spring is nearly here for you? I think so!

    Elizabeth E.

  3. Welcome home Mr. Osprey! Now I am anxious for my feathery friends to appear. I miss their diving theatrics.

  4. What a wonderful surprise! I just love your cloud picture. I can see that framed and on a wall. Enjoy your blue skies...snow is on the way....AGAIN!


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