Any Questions?

Before I could make the bed this morning, Purrsee found the warm spot.  There is no indication that he wants to relinquish his claim.  When I came in he opened his eyes but refused to look at me. 
"This is where I'm going to be today.  Any questions?"


  1. Ah...the life of a cat...

  2. So that's what my cat is thinking? Superb. :)MaryHelen

  3. Cats do seem to think they run the house. As I write this comment, I have a one of mine purring at me feet.

  4. Excellent use of personification for a daily slice. I often imbue many things around my house with human-like qualities. I'm sure if I had a cat, they would also be bestowed with my imagination, imaginary conversations and emotions! So handy to have someone like this around. And what a fabulous mane!

  5. Oh yes animals have a way of letting us know what they are thinking. I know our dogs do.

  6. So great-a cat's life. The photo is priceless.

  7. I love this! I miss my cat! You have captured the personality perfectly! To a dog you're the master, but to the cat, you're staff! Love you're cat!


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