True North

Northern Lights are supposed to be out tonight.  I'd love to see them, but as a friend said, "I don't have North at my house."  I think I technically do.  But there's a hill out in back of us and a bunch of trees on it and they are right up close to the house, and they are between us and North.
So, no North. And no Northern Lights for me.  It is crystal clear out tonight, so someone else who has North may have a nice show.
I'm content with my South.  It's nice and dark out here beyond the city lights.  Stars are crisp and twinkly, and there are more than I could even begin to number.
I've always been fascinated by the night sky.  My mom used to say that when she was a child she imagined that God had a big blanket with holes in it and the stars were the lights of heaven on the other side.  She's on that other side now.  I bet the view is even better than the Northern Lights.


  1. The Northern Lights are on my bucket list. Aren't night skies amazing when you are no where near a city? I liked your post, especially the end.

  2. This is one of those posts that leaves me feeling at peace. I love the description of the stars: crisp and twinkly. What a nice way to think about the sky. I am glad I visited your page tonight.

  3. I take for granted too often the beauitful skies I have up here in the North.
    I havn't seen the northern lights much this winter- but the stars and moon sure have been pretty.
    I hope you see the sky "Dance" one day! :)


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