Sunday Best

I am currently laid up with a neck collar and an air cast on my right foot. Well, not laid up. I'm more "embedded" in them than laid up.  I'm still moving and teaching.
I didn't fall, as it would appear.  And the problems aren't even related.  I just had a couple of vacations recently that allowed me to get to some doctors who were thinking this might provide some entertainment to those around me.
It's pretty entertaining to watch the contortions to put the cast on or take it off.  And once it is off, there will be no bathroom trips until I have compiled a list of other things that need to be done.  It is not worth the hassle of putting it back on.
I look classy when I go out.  Too bad it isn't sandal season.  My toes are out.  I need a plastic bag over that foot to keep it dry.  I have a neutral beige Shaw's grocery bag for everyday, and a nice dark green Cabella's bag for Sunday best.
I feel quite a bit like that woman on the ad where she's riding a bike and parts are falling off it.
As I fight acute crabbiness, I realize that this is small stuff.  Small temporary stuff.  I just need to take care of myself and keep as many of the parts as I can.


  1. As I read, I was having a laugh at your descriptions, but hoping you heal soon.

  2. I like your positive attitude and bright outlook. Someone told me that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we perceive. You seem to be doing well with the perceiving. And if not, you haven't given up on the idea of positivity. :)


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