I'm tired today. It is too early. It's about an hour too early. I hate this time change. It takes me about two weeks to get over being too tired with "spring forward". "Fall back" is so much easier to get used to. I think we should always fall back. We would eventually get back to the right timing with the sun. Either that or just leave it alone.
Did you hear that the earthquake just shifted Earth's axis and now we have less time in a day? It's only 1.6 microseconds. But still. I don't have enough time in a day as it is. We're getting older faster too. Will that mean the life expectancy figures will change?
Okay. I'm rambling. This is how I know I'm too tired. I hope I stopped in time.


  1. Interesting that you posted about time today, me too. I didn't know we have less time in a day, not sure if I wanted to know that. :) Spring forward is soooo hard, love the fall back.

  2. I guess it's because we lose an hour, but it's there on the horizon, in the fall, waiting for us to grab it back! I didn't know about the loss either. I wonder how it will play out, over time?

  3. The best thing about springing ahead is that it offers a sure excuse for being less-than-sharp this week! Love the idea about continuously falling behind...the first politician who has this as part of his platform will get my vote!


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