A Mother's Eyes

I look at her and remember...
 - the day she got a concussion because she was learning to walk and the dog ran over her
 - the night she wore her shiny red shoes to bed because she loved them so much
 - the day she learned where babies come from because she was curious
 - the Christmas she saw all the presents (unwrapped) because she was being helpful
 - the afternoon she got shin guards for soccer because I made her play
 - the day she decided she would never have children because it would just be too painful
 - the night she did the Irish step dance because it was the last recital her grandfather would attend
 - the day she gave me a rock for Mother's Day because I love rocks
 - the day she sang at graduation because she wanted to surprise us
 - the day she showed us the ultrasound because she was having a baby
I look at her and see...
 - what my mother saw.


  1. Oh this is beautiful Donna. Well crafted. I love the short snippets of an entire moment. The progression of her life through the memories that mattered the most. I will add this to my list of writing I want to try.

  2. It's lovely, & interesting the parts you included, what you remember. They seem to be a link of times through life too-like loss of a parent/grandparent, graduation, etc. You've painted a picture that keeps circling, or cycling.

  3. Really nice writing. Don't we always see these things when we look at our children? Love your ending, powerful.

  4. That was so touching! I actually have misty eyes. Thank you for sharing this today.


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